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With over 120,000 unreached, un-churched villages and new legislation that restricts religious freedom, Russia is in desperate need of trained church leadership. Now more than ever before, Russia needs indigenous missionaries who can reach their own people with the gospel.

Train a Russian believer to be a frontline missionary, going to a remote village in Siberia or the urban center of Moscow.

Live School can train local believers in their Russian language to preach the Word, plant local churches, evangelize the lost, and become whole individuals, grounded in the truth of the Gospel.

Your gift of $5 a month (or $60 total for one year) provides this Live School training curriculum to a student in Russia to go through the 12-month program.

How to Give: Train a student for $5 a month for 12 months ($60/year) OR give a one-time gift of $60 to cover the total cost of a year of training.

After 12 months, your student will be fully funded and you will be given the option to cancel your monthly giving, otherwise your donations will continue and fund another student.

Consider this: train 2 students for $10/month or 4 students for $20/month.