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Sponsor a School in the Philippines

How to Give: Sponsor a school for $55 a month overĀ 12 months ($660/year) OR give a one-time gift of $660 to cover theĀ total cost.

In June 2017 we will start three schools on the Philippine island of Mindoro. Mindoro is home to the Mangyan tribes who dwell in remote, difficult-to-find villages that have been untouched by the outside world until recently. These villagers have also been unreached with the gospel.

Sponsor a school on the island of Mindoro that can train Philippine believers as missionaries who can reach the unreached Mangyan tribes as well as other Southeast Asian countries!

By giving $55 a month ($660 total) you can supply a Live School unit with the entire curriculum to a school that will train between 10-12 Philippine believers as indigenous missionaries.

And your gift keeps on giving! After the first intake or class of students completes the program, another intake of students can use that same unit for their training.