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It’s one of the toughest areas in the world to be a believer. Believing in Jesus in the Middle East can get you excommunicated from your family, fired from your job, isolated, beaten, imprisoned and even killed.

And yet, the harvest is ripe in this part of the world! Christian contacts in Iran tell us that if they explain the gospel to nine people, ten of them will come to the Lord!

The problem is that new believers in the Middle East have very little means of discipleship, as it is hard for them to gather with other believers.

However, our new Live School unit contains the curriculum on a small format that allows believers to be trained even if they cannot meet regularly with other believers.

Our next generation Live School unit connects to and can be played off of any mobile smartphone, tablet, or laptop. This allows a believer, for example, to watch a course on the character of God on his phone, with his earphones in, and in the privacy of his own home. It also keeps him from having to stream the lessons off the internet which could be tracked.

For $5 a month ($60 total for the year) you can supply a Middle Eastern believer with this portable Live School unit with the full curriculum. The training will equip them to be missionaries and disciple-makers even in some of the hardest places on earth.

How to Give: Train a student for $5 a month for 12 months ($60/year) OR give a one-time gift of $60 to cover the total cost of a year of training.

After 12 months, your student will be fully funded and you will be given the option to cancel your monthly giving, otherwise your donations will continue and fund another student.

Consider this: train 2 students for $10/month or 4 students for $20/month.


David* was trained through Live School and decided to move from his Middle Eastern country to an even more dangerous and closed off Middle Eastern country to work as an evangelist.

Because of his evangelistic work, he was eventually arrested and thrown in prison with his wife and son. While there, he continued to minister and share the gospel with his fellow prisoners, and many came to the Lord!

There was one prisoner who was mentally unstable and could not be dressed or controlled by the guards. One day David asked to pray over the man and when he did, the man was instantly healed! The guards were able to dress the man and allow him to eat with the rest of the prisoners.

After that day, the guards told David that he was free to do whatever he wished in prison. So David started a church that met each week within the prison walls. He also began teaching the prisoners who were new believers what he had learned through Live School – how to share their faith, how to pray, how to lead a church, and so on.

*Name changed for security reasons