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Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.    

Matthew 28:19

Live School is a comprehensive and portable missions training and discipleship program that trains indigenous believers in rural and urban areas of the world to plant sustainable churches and be missionaries to their own and neighboring people groups.

Live School partners with local churches and pastors around the world and mobilizes them to the call of the Great Commission. It provides the training curriculum on a small device, which can be connected to and watched on a television. Live School then trains facilitators who will lead a small group of students (local believers and church members) in a classroom, church, house, or another place within the community. The students go through the six-month program covering theology, leadership, evangelism, character development and much more. Afterwards, students are sent out for in-field training and outreach and will go on to transform communities, plant sustainable churches and preach the Gospel to the ends of the earth.


  • Giving the task of the Great Commission to national, indigenous believers
  • Training takes place on-site; students do not have to leave their families, jobs or communities
  • Focus on character development
  • Portability allows the training curriculum to travel
  • Combines theoretical education with practical, on-the-field training
  • Appropriate for many socio-economic levels
  • Not affiliated with a certain denomination but thoroughly biblical
  • Can be used by various churches, missions organizations and leadership centers



Live School Transforms Communities

We believe in redeeming communities by the power of the Gospel. The Live School is a hands-on training program, combining the spiritual with the practical and training students to participate in making the community where they live and minister a better place. Live...
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Live School Makes Disciples

We believe in making disciples of Jesus who will disciple others. The Live School places a high value on discipleship to ensure that the student becomes a disciple of Jesus Christ rather than just a follower of His teachings. It does not assume that each student...
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Live School Mobilizes Local Churches

We believe in the local church. Live School passionately believes that the local church, in whatever forms it is found is God’s vehicle through which the Kingdom of God is established. The Body of Christ is strategic in influencing the society people among whom...
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Live School Plants Churches

We believe in planting self-sustainable and reproducible churches. Church planting is one of the highest values of the Live School. The school’s curriculum was specifically designed to train missionaries planting churches among unreached people groups. The Live...
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Live School Reaches Unreached People Groups

We believe in bringing the Gospel to those who have never heard. Live School was specifically designed to train people to reach unreached people groups. The training has continually produced quality graduates with the passion, drive and will to reach unreached peoples...
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Live School Trains Leaders

We believe in training church leaders as missionaries. The growth of the Church in the developing world is growing at a staggering rate, and yet, it is growing faster than leaders can be raised up, let alone trained. Unlike in the West, where seminaries and training...
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Live School Trains Trainers

We believe in training the leaders of leaders. A vital part of each Live School is its facilitator, someone trained specifically to oversee the day-to-day running of the School and facilitate the workshops among the students. These are men and women who have a lasting...
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Live School Evangelizes the Lost

We want believers to bring Jesus to their own people. The Live School is a tool to equip the local church, the Body of Christ, to reach the lost, those who have never heard the Gospel, so they too can come to repentance for salvation through faith in Jesus Christ and...
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The Live School, first recorded in English, has been translated into eight world languages: Russian, Arabic, Swahili, Farsi, Turkish, Korean, and French. The next two languages – Spanish and Portuguese – will be launched within this year. Live School will be translated into another four languages – Hindi, Mandarin, Bahasa, and Mongolian – by the end of 2018.

Live School is currently in use in 65 countries. Translating the Live school into these widely used languages allows us to train indigenous missionaries in the backstreets of many countries so that they can be a part of the end time harvest force. Partner with us as we make this material accessible to millions more around the world.


Get Involved


We are looking for churches, organizations, and individuals who will partner with us as we seek to train one million missionaries around the world.


Become a part of our international prayer team and join in interceding for God's kingdom. 


Live School is rapidly expanding around the world everyday, but supplying the curriculum requires time and money. Would you consider supporting the organization, a specific region, or a staff member? No amount is too small and our giving process is incredibly easy. 


P. O. Box 242, Simondium, 7670, South Africa

229 Bookman Mill Road, Irmo, SC, 29063, USA