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Blogs, Stories and testimonies from the East Africa Region

Blood-and-Milk Drinking People

A story of the Gabra tribe in Kenya

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Update from Northern Kenya

An update on Kenyan village churches started by Live School graduates

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East Africa field report (Dec 2015)

I travelled from home on the 13th of November and returned on the 7th of Dec. It was a most compact trip with hardly a day to let. It took me from boat rides, flights, cabs, country buses, ferries and car hires as I sought to maximize every opportunity in 11 Cities...
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2015 was a rough year in the region with increased terror activity, political wrangling, and rising anti-­‐Christian sentiments and legislation in some of the countries.

Despite these difficulties, Live School continued under the brave leadership of visionary leaders  with  a  dream  for  G od’s  army.  These  leaders  are  sometimes  under  the  radar,  while other times they are face to face with terror. In Garrisa, Kenya, after the worst terrorist  attack  on  the  university,  Live  School  graduated  its  pioneer  students.  In  the  same way, a school on the south coast of Kenya graduated students in spite of the fact that terrorists had attacked their village.

We  had  various  teams and  people  fly  into  Nairobi  with  additional  Live  School  units  that saw the number of schools climb from 66 to 112.

The  momentum  increased  with  our  partners,  and we  experienced  a  sense  of  unity  in  purpose  as  we  saw  breakthrough  on  the  Kenyan  border  with  Ethiopia  to  establish schools in a town (identification withheld for security reasons). Right after this, some of the Ethiopians went back to start Live Schools in various sentries.

The  region  obviously  saw  increased  church plant  activity  in  Rwanda,  Uganda,  and  Kenya.  A  LS  graduate,  who  was  a  former  Muslim,  has  since  started  a  church  i n  the  middle of his Islamic village. These fellowships meet under trees, in living rooms, and on school properties.

The  Live  School  is  seriously  impacting  the  lives  of  individuals  and  calling  them  to  ultimate surrender to God’s will, even if it means death, as one student confessed.

To God be the glory as we pray for more fruitfulness and speed.

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