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Where the “road ends” and the Amazon starts

We met Ps Ghanie through a senior leader whom we encountered in Trinidad. Ps Ghanie hosted a facilitator training session for around 6 churches and started his own school too.(Author: Eddie, Caribbean region)

update from Guyana

Just a short update from a hot and humid Guyana.  Chuck and I arrived safely on Monday night after 17 hours travel.  The next day we started meeting with church leaders.  Two of them, after hearing and understanding how it works, asked to start schools.  Then we met...

Live School empowering local initiatives in Guyana

You may remember me speaking about a lady named Natasha.  She is a soft spoken pastor's wife in Guyana who is powerful in her own unique way.  To be honest, after I met her and left the country, I could not even remember her.  But then I started getting reports of the...

The  church  in  the  Caribbean  is  generally  growing  and  maturing.    Last  year, we attended a mission conference in Trinidad, organized by a local church, that would rival any other in the world.  Around 150 delegates came  from  all  over  the  Caribbean  and  South  America,  including  places  like Cuba and Venezuela.  We were some of the few attendees allowed to share  about our ministry. This has led to many invitations in various  nations.

Directly  after  the  Trinidad  conference  we  traveled  to  Cuba  where  we  met  with  the  pastor  of  80  house  churches.    He  was  intrigued  by  Live School and asked us to start Live School in 30 house churches in Havana.  He also invited us to start 20 schools in Guantanamo Bay.  God willing, in April of this year we will travel there to train the facilitators and deliver the units.

In  Guyana  a  pastor’s  wife  has  been  equipped  to  train  facilitators.    She  has  previously  started  13  Live  Schools,  but  now  she  can  start  them without one of us having to travel there. Also in Guyana, a pastor, who hosts  an  annual  mission  conference  with  around  300  attendees,  asked us  to  start  20  Live  Schools  in  his  church.    We  are  still  negotiating  this.   Last year we were also invited to start Live School in St. Vincent and the  Grenadines. The facilitator training has been completed.

It is exciting to see the doors God is opening, especially in Cuba.  This nation has great potential to be a mission force.

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