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Knocking on Ethiopia’s door

On the 11th of September 2015, while the world was approaching the final quarter of the year, Ethiopia celebrated Enkutatash, marking its New Year for 2008. While some may wonder how come they are only in 2008, it is simply because Ethiopian system uses the Coptic... read more

update from Guyana

Just a short update from a hot and humid Guyana.  Chuck and I arrived safely on Monday night after 17 hours travel.  The next day we started meeting with church leaders.  Two of them, after hearing and understanding how it works, asked to start schools.  Then we met... read more

Live School empowering local initiatives in Guyana

You may remember me speaking about a lady named Natasha.  She is a soft spoken pastor’s wife in Guyana who is powerful in her own unique way.  To be honest, after I met her and left the country, I could not even remember her.  But then I started getting reports... read more

PJ and a Prayer – A personal report from Paul

Surprise!! that was to be her name until the sanity and ridicule of a name like that hit home with me and we named her Paulah Julia Achilles. Everything about her had been elusive – After 3 different gynaecologist’s fiddling back and forth to ascertain her... read more

A personal journey back to Ukraine

My short journey through Ukraine became a very personal one, very quickly. We lived in this nation for eight years and it is hard to see what the conflict has done and is doing to the nation. In Ukraine we have had Live Schools in many different cities, towns, and... read more

East Africa – Kenya Field Report

The Kenya process has some significant move and impact through the Live School. One of the Live School graduates in a remote area of Kenya established a Church in a remote Unreached area of the Dorobo. Challenged by the need and distances he raised elders out of his... read more

International field report

I stand in amazement during the last nine days of travel as I have listened to all that the Lord is doing among His people. In Turkey I met with our dear friends and partners and was blessed to see their commitment to raise up the next generation who will be effective... read more

The Ten thousand threshold

In this report: Live School in Turkey, Germany, Russia, Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Somali Border, Ethiopia and Rwanda. The number of student’s grows to over 10,000 and the mentoring house is nearing completion. Yesterday I arrived in Istanbul, Turkey, on the first... read more

Field report from Burkina Fasso

Lena Outreach – LS students have planted a church in this unreached village, which has had about 15 faithful disciples. They’ve been using this temporary grass hut until the chief hopefully decides to let them stay and build a more permanent structure. To... read more

Armenia: Called for the nations!

In the picture: A group of Armenian young people gathering on a large world map to pray for the nations. This took place on the last national missions conference we participated in just outside Yerevan. In my walk with the Armenian Church and her people I discovered... read more

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