World Mission Centre seeks to create ministries that enable local churches to empower and train their members as missionaries to the ends of the earth and their next-door neighbor.

However, the goal of WMC is not to manage dozens of ministries. Our goal is develop and launch ministries, which are later passed on to local churches or groups of Christians to oversee. Many times, local churches do not have the capabilities to begin ministries from scratch. That’s where WMC comes in. We develop the ministries through the resources God has given us, smooth out the kinks, insure that a certain ministry is effective, and then hand it over to local churches.

We realized that sometimes organizations get in the way of practical, down-to-earth ministry. We also realized that the most powerful type of ministry is when ordinary, genuine people simply reach out to their neighbors. That’s why we like to put ministries into the hands of local churches who know their communities more fully than any organization ever could.

Currently, WMC’s main project is Live School, a comprehensive and portable missions training program with schools established all over the world. The Live School curriculum was originally created for Project Focus, to train 51 believers to be missionaries among the unreached people groups of Southern Africa.

The training was so effective that the curriculum – a series of video lectures – was edited, codified, and placed on a small device to become, in essence, a portable seminary. Today, there are over 600 schools in 66 countries and more than 10,000 students have been or are being trained to take the Gospel to the unreached parts of the world.

WMC’s main objective concerning Live School is to oversee the translation process of the curriculum. Translation insures that believers all over the world have access to the training.  We have translated the English Live School into seven languages (Russian, Swahili, Farsi, Arabic, French, Korean, Turkish), are currently working on two languages (Portuguese, Spanish), and hope to soon begin four more (Mandarin, Hindi, Indonesian, Mongolian).

World Mission Centre also helps to oversee the running of the Live School organization, advance the Live School technology, and tell the stories of what God is doing around the world through the training.

There are currently seven directors for World Mission Centre:

  • John Scholtz (Chairman of the Board)
  • Willie and Lydia Crew
  • Daniel Muteba
  • Eddie Robinson
  • Titus Sithole
  • Victor Makgothloa