The students in the Year of Your Life school will go through the Live School curriculum, which trains believers in character development, foundational theology, foundational missiology, ministry skills (preaching, planting churches, etc.), research principles, cross-cultural communication, and acts of kindness (gardens, community health, starting a business, etc.).

The Live School curriculum was created to empower laborers for the mission field who are equipped to evangelize, disciple, and plant churches. The internationally acclaimed Live School is currently training over 12,000 believers in local churches of 70 countries.

Live School is made up of 27 video courses and contains 242 hours of teaching from pastors, missionaries, professors and businessmen from around the world. Learn about the full curriculum here:


  • Introduction to Missions
  • Intercession
  • The Divine Plumbline
  • Process of Preparation
  • God’s Ways
  • Relationships
  • Discipleship
  • Kingdom Economics
  • Spiritual Authority
  • Spiritual Gifts
  • Community Health
  • Community Development
  • The Cell Church
  • Overview of Theology
  • Acts in Action
  • Perseverance in Ministry
  • Folk Religion
  • Cross Cultural Communication
  • The Man Next Door
  • The Chronological Approach
  • Study the Bible
  • Principles of Communication
  • Communicating the Bible
  • The Ethnographic Process
  • Cultural Anthropology
  • Preparation for Outreach
  • How to start a Business


Students will watch the video teaching sessions each morning and discuss the sessions, write notes, and apply the lessons through local and international outreaches. After working with Live School for so many years, we have seen that believers cannot go through these courses without having their lives changed. Live School is a practical and a dynamic training that not only teaches skills and knowledge, but transforms hearts and minds through the Word of God. Students are taught to be missionaries, but more than that, they are discipled to be spiritually-whole individuals who can have incredible impact in the kingdom.

The missions training will take place in the mornings and, in some cases, we will have live teachers come in to teach the curriculum or lead devotionals, such as Dr. Phil Steyne (professor emeritus) and Willie Crew (director of WMC).The school will also include guest speakers who will conduct special trainings on things like planting a community garden, outreach planning, and fundraising.