Students will live full-time in a home with fellow students and a resident director. Men and women will live on separate floors. Students will develop character as they cook, clean, look after the house, do yard work, and live life beside their fellow believers. All food, furniture, and cleaning supplies will be supplied by the school. Students will bring their own toiletries and bedding. Students will be able to visit home and their home churches at certain times throughout the year.


The purpose of the residential home is also to foster a sense of community, fellowship, and camaraderie. As students live, travel, and do outreach together, they will build incredibly deep friendships. Students will participate in home groups, prayer groups, and worship times with each at the house. The house will be a place to play games, invite church youth groups over for an afternoon, and practice ministry skills. Students will learn a disciplined routine and have daily quiet times.

Students will also be expected to be involved in the office work within the media department, such as social media, editing, printing, and newsletters. The media department of World Mission Centre covers translations, social media, printed media, fundraising, Live School unit technology, and story telling. Students will learn the “behind-the-scenes” aspects of a missions organization. Some of the students media work may also be used in some of World Mission Centre’s printed and online publications, website, or fundraising events.