“Go to the Mountain, the Rain is Coming”

Written by Manie Kohn, who came to Running With Horses, about what God is doing in the Middle East.

A Story from School of Mission Zambia

The School of Missions in Zambia, run by Life Family Church, uses Live School to train missionaries.

The Gospel and A Beating

The anti-Christian attitude and aggression in some of the countries are very real, and those working in those areas understand that it is the gospel and a beating.

Pastor Felix’s Testimony

Pastor Felix had never done anything like this, but now he felt challenged by the expectation of the villagers, and by faith in His God. He had to make a decision to either move out of his comfort zone or ignore the desperate call of the villagers and go home.

A Christian High School in a Muslim Area

This is what being light and salt is all about!

Story from Congo

“Live School is now known by all of Brazzaville.”

Denise’s Story

I made my decision. Denise would stay with us. My sisters objected though they would be kind to her later. They said, “You must be crazy! Nobody has ever welcomed a fool and crazy person!” I was calm and confident, and I said to them, “Well, I am so happy that I am different than everybody else.”

Testimony from Cuba

I was always eager to teach children, and as I saw the lack of well-trained teachers, I decided to become a Biblical teacher by an International Ministry called “Kids around the World.” In this ministry, I worked in different service areas for ten years.

The Story Behind Sally

Sally was a depressed and frustrated person at the end of herself. She had a three-month-old baby, and her Muslim husband was looking to get another wife alongside her.

The Story Behind Evelyn

Evelyn testified how she prayed for a Muslim lady who did not have children because of many miscarriages. God did a miracle and broke the curse over the family.