East Africa


Live School has been instrumental in mobilization and Church planting. Since its inception, 776 leaders have graduated from the program from the 120 schools launched in partnership with various Churches in the region. Through Live School, several community transformation initiatives have been birthed. They include health and nutrition, as well as education and agriculture. In Kenya, a graduate Pastor has launched a massive water and agricultural project which has dramatically improved nutrition in the community. In Uganda, a ministry partner planted 58 active Churches in three years, while another one has transformed an alcoholic and witchcraft den into a Christ city with education, orphan support, and agriculture.

Paul and Pamela Achilles

Paul Achilles is married to Pamela and is blessed with two children, Prince Shiloh, and Paula  Juleah.  His heart and his passion is to empower others and see the Church on the Equator rise to fulfill its missional mandate in the region and across the world.

He is currently the Team Leader for the Organization in East Africa and The Horn. This involves the territories spreading from North Mozambique to South Sudan and from the Eastern part of DRC to Comoros, Eritrea, Djibouti, and Somalia making a total of 14 countries. His heart cry and motivation is the Word in Matthew 24:14.

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Blogs, Stories and testimonies from the East Africa Region

The Gospel and A Beating

The anti-Christian attitude and aggression in some of the countries are very real, and those working in those areas understand that it is the gospel and a beating.

Pastor Felix’s Testimony

Pastor Felix had never done anything like this, but now he felt challenged by the expectation of the villagers, and by faith in His God. He had to make a decision to either move out of his comfort zone or ignore the desperate call of the villagers and go home.

Fervor for the Lord in Burundi

Through their different challenges, a Burundi Live School gladly graduated its first class of 11 students. “Their fervor for the Lord could not be quenched.”

East Africa field report (Dec 2015)

I travelled from home on the 13th of November and returned on the 7th of Dec. It was a most compact trip with hardly a day to let. It took me from boat rides, flights, cabs, country buses, ferries and car hires as I sought to maximize every opportunity in 11 Cities...

An East African Sojourn

I am ever more overwhelmed by the amazing grace, mercy and kindness of our Lord that carries us through each and every stage of our life. This however will remain one of the toughest trips I have ever done as I strive to balance family and ministry coupled with...

Live School field report from Rwanda

After their training in May 2014, the passion need and hunger for training saw six Schools started by August in Rwanda. As the Mandate of the Church resonated with them, Live School became what they had been waiting for. As their classes progressed, 3 out of the 6...

Knocking on Ethiopia’s door

Knocking on Ethiopia’s door

On the 11th of September 2015, while the world was approaching the final quarter of the year, Ethiopia celebrated Enkutatash, marking its New Year for 2008. While some may wonder how come they are only in 2008, it is simply because Ethiopian system uses the Coptic...