Think about it. Most drinks you buy at a coffee shop cost almost $5 these days. Could you give up a cup of coffee a month to empower a Russian believer with the training to become an effective, passionate and faithful missionary to his or her own people?

For $5 a month, you can cover the cost of providing the training to one student within a Russian Live School ($60 for the year).

Want to do more? Make a one time donation of $660, or a recurring donation of $55 a month, to fund an entire LS Unit, which will provide missions training to a whole school of 11 students.



On July 20, a series of anti-terrorism laws, known as the “Yarovaya package,” went into effect, placing tight restrictions on any missionary activity in Russia.

In summary, the laws state: No preaching. No praying. No distributing religious materials. No sharing of religious beliefs. This religious activity is only allowed within officially-approved and registered buildings and denominations.

Thus, the growing movement of believers who meet in house churches and rented spaces, or who belong to unregistered denominations (much of the Russian evangelical movement) are now considered illegal and subject to heavy fines.

For Russian believers, even holding bible studies or explaining the gospel to their children in their homes is considered unauthorized religious activity and can incur penalties.

To share their faith, citizens must obtain a government permit, and even after that, they can only share within a registered church building. In addition, foreign missionaries must now hold a permit and be authorized by the government to stay. Most have been denied.

“In Moscow, we shared an office with 24 organizations. Not a single foreign expatriate mission is there now,” said Sergey, a Russian church-planter. “They could not re-register. Missionaries could not return to Russia because they could not renew their visas. It is next to impossible to get registration as a foreign organization today.”

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SINCE 2007, 

World Mission Centre has worked in Russia, establishing Live Schools from Moscow to Siberia to the Far East of the country. To date, over 160 Live Schools have started and trained 1,473 Russian believers as missionaries. Graduated Live School students are actively planting churches, working in rehab centers, and preaching the gospel.


Place an additional 239 Live School units within Russia by Februrary 2017.


It is a tool to train Russian believers as missionaries when all foreign missionaries have left.

It is a portable, undercover training resource when all Christian printed materials have been banned.

It empowers the local Russian church to take up the task of misssions independant of any foreign seminary, missionaries or Christian organizations.

It was designed to train believers how to live, suffer, and minister well despite difficulties, persecution, and limited resources.

Live School has proven successful in Russia and already has a large network of churches who can continue running and distributing units once they arrive.