“Go to the Mountain, the Rain is Coming”

“Go to the Mountain, the Rain is Coming”

"Go to the Mountain, the Rain is Coming"

Written by Manie Kohn, who came to Running With Horses, about what God is doing in the Middle East.

 The rain has started! Hundreds of men and women in the Middle East who were previously devout Muslims and worshipers of Islam are now coming to faith in Jesus Christ. Whether through dreams and visions where Christ reveals himself to them as the true messiah or through workers sharing the gospel, people are coming to Christ and this once barren land is starting to feel the first fruits of the tsunami that God is sending to reach the Muslim people.

There is a secret revival taking place in the middle of Muslim dominated countries all over the Middle East. God is raising a remnant of believers who are purposefully and actively taking back ground for the kingdom. These brothers and sisters in the faith stand firm in many trails and great persecution. Whether they are being thrown into jail for worshipping Jesus Christ, or deported for starting a church and even threatened with death for leaving Islam and turning to the truth of Jesus these brothers and sisters of us do not waver in their belief in our Lord. Even when imprisoned they keep praising Him from within the walls of the prison or when deported continue to spread the Gospel where ever they are. Their immovable faith is starting and spreading the fire of God’s spirit. 

Furthermore, there are many challenges that they face. There is a lack of Bibles in the Middle East because it is illegal to own a Bible and because they have to meet in secret it is difficult for them to meet together to form church communities. Before anyone can join a church they first have to make sure that, that person is not part of the police or trying to expose the church and where they meet. One tool that helps train and empower these brothers and sister is something called “live school”. It is an in-depth digital training program that can be stored on a micro SD card. This digital training card provides the Christians in the Middle East with over 200 hours of missionary training and basic non-denominational theology. This helps them, who understand the local culture and language to be mission focused and empowers them to be strategic in sharing and opening the Gospel message to other Muslims.

Our God is powerful and He is mighty. Nothing stands in the way of His plans and as Christians who are not being persecuted in the same ways we must always remember to pray for our bothers and sisters who are daily facing great trials. We must pray that God will protect them and give them new and effective strategies for spreading the Gospel. We must pray that doors will be opened for the Christians to get Bibles and also that they will continue to grow in numbers and in wisdom and that teaching will continue to be supplied to them through tools like “live school”. We must pray that the rain that has been seen by many and prophesied over this dry land will fall, and fall with power so that it can wash away the pain and suffering that has scared this land.

A Story from School of Mission Zambia

A Story from School of Mission Zambia

A Story from the School of Mission Zambia

The School of Missions in Zambia, run by Life Family Church, uses Live School to train missionaries. For the last six years, the school makes sure each intake of students is involved in cross-cultural missions within Southern Africa and East Africa. Planting house churches and going out to another country for missions are requirements to graduate.  In 2017 the school sent a team of missionaries to Mozambique as well as Angola. The school, together with students, raises money for mission trips through a  Missions Breakfast that students organize every Quarter.

Below are some pictures for students in Rwanda, Mozambique and Graduations.

The Gospel and A Beating

The Gospel and A Beating

The Gospel and a Beating

They have spent their lives in a little coastal town as long as they have been married, and God gave them the heart to train in missions for their neighbors. The majority of their neighbors are Muslims with varying degrees of intolerance to the gospel and Christianity. They started a little Church in their village, and they also launched a remote mission training.

It is out of this background that the pastor led one of the Muslims from a village close by to the Lord. However, he kept his conversion a secret.  As fate would have it, this Muslim became the village headman, and it wasn’t long before a team of believers visited the village against the suspicion that he may have been converted.

The villagers, in anger, turned against the visitors, but the headman could not let them reign in on the visitors. In a great rage, they turned against the headman and beat him almost to death. Three days later he died. The danger, pain, and risk of ministry in that area are real to the missionaries there. The risk is further compounded by terror elements who filter in from the neighboring countries. In spite of all this, the pastor declares that God continues to grant grace as they reach close to 200 Muslim children in school. This has influenced some of the Muslim parents from select unreached people groups to warm up to Christianity. Now, others have given their lives and have become part of a Church where it is relatively safe for them.

The anti-Christian attitude and aggression in some of the countries are very real, and those working in those areas understand that it is the gospel and a beating.

Pastor Felix’s Testimony

Pastor Felix’s Testimony

Pastor Felix's Testimony

“I will be in trouble because you only want one testimony, but there are a lot!” That was the comment Pastor Felix from North Uganda gave when asked to share what God was doing. He was by no means lacking in testimonies of God’s greatness. He had just gone to the Northern District of Alebtong, Uganda and concluded an evangelism outreach and church leaders training. From there, he set off on his way back to Lira when the villagers went after him crying for him to go back because of the dead two-year-old child.

Pastor Felix had never done anything like this, but now he felt challenged by the expectation of the villagers, and by faith in His God. He had to make a decision to either move out of his comfort zone or ignore the desperate call of the villagers and go home.

He knew he had to go, but told God that he would be in trouble if he went back and the child fails to arise. However, the Holy Spirit gave him very clear cut instructions. Returning to the village, he took the child in his arms and did exactly as the Lord had instructed. The child jumped out of his hands alive and well! To behold this miracle only brought out his foolishness as he would say to God that he has no understanding of how these heavenly things work.

The Live School program helped him grow in his intimacy with God, and in his ability to discern specific God-given instructions for a situation. He reports that healings have become a common thing in the Church that he pastors. People have been experiencing miracles and healings whether Pastor Felix is present in the Service or not! He has trained 210 people using Live School, and he has planted 48 active churches between 2017 – 2019.

A Christian High School in a Muslim Area

A Christian High School in a Muslim Area

A Christian High School in a Muslim Area

Emmanuel High School is a Christian school strategically located amid a Muslim area in Chad. Though the school is decidedly Christian, all the students are Muslim. The local imam has embraced the school, and the parents are excited about the quality education their children are getting. Justin, who oversees the Central Africa countries of WACA for us, has started this school by faith. The students have a class where they study the Bible. They are being encouraged and pointed to the Word of God by Justin and the teachers daily. Justin has already met with, ministered to, and prayed for the parents, too. This is what being light and salt is all about!

Story from Congo

Story from Congo

Story from Congo

Youlou, who coordinates Live School activities in the Congo for us, has the vision and is RUNNING with it. He recently was invited to the Congress Center to present Live School to the pastors in Brazzaville. He wrote, “Live School is now known by all of Brazzaville.” What is amazing is that the pastors present sent for their indigenous missionaries in the north before the meeting was over and had Youlou stay an extra 3 or 4 days to train on how to facilitate Live School! They will return to teach others with Live School in the far north to reach the harvest there.  When Youlou trains them on how to operate Live School, he also is briefing them on how to properly teach the students to use Farming God’s Way and seeing great success! Also, the Lord recently sent a LS graduate from Senegal to the Congo to help YouLou!  Amazing!

Denise’s Story

Denise’s Story

Denise's Story

Written by Evends Monfiston, Live School Haiti Coordinator

I cannot fully explain the impact that the Live School teaching has had in my life and ministry. It has now been two years since I have gone through my training with the school. I have come to understand the meaning and the importance of love, restoration, and reconciliation. I see and comprehend the Holy Spirits anointing as well as its impact in ministry and peoples lives. All of this has contributed to change my perspective of life and people radically. Without this kind of teaching, Denise would be unknown. The joy and the fellowship I have enjoyed with her whole family would not exist. I praise God for Live School, and I am confident He is about to use it to bring a great change in Haiti and the whole world.  Here is Denise’s story.

Born in Cap-Haitian at the Justinian Hospital on October 26, 1992, Denise Pierre is the fourth child in a family of five. She was four years old when her Dad passed away. At the age of thirteen, as an 8th-grade girl, she became pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl whose name is Barbara. Unfortunately, her boyfriend has not recognized the child as his own. That incident increased her courageous mothers nightmare with one more kid to feed and educate.

On December 31, 2010, while she was sleeping alongside her sister, both of them were bitten by a rat. They became very sick, and at the time Denises sister was worse, about to lose her mind and became crazy. Denise started to lose her own mind later on. With her limited funds, their mother took them to the hospital and spent a lot. Denises younger sister, Chrismène has recovered, but Denise was not so lucky.

At the age of 18, she gave birth to her second child whose name is Tamara. Once again, the father has not taken his responsibility. From that point on, Denises health and situation became worse. As she went place to place shoeless with dirty clothes, she was impregnated and gave birth to her third fatherless girl, Rachelle Bien-Aimé (adopted by Denises brother).

I met Denise for the first time last February 27, 2019, in the middle of the day as she was wandering in the neighborhood. People were talking outside and yelling. When I came out to inquire, I saw her sitting at my front door. I asked her to leave but she would not. My neighbor threatened with a staff, but she refused to go. I went inside and got a little cash to give to her. She took the money and finally left. I was successful, and everyone was amazed.

She came back in the evening and stood in front of my house. From that point, I started to pause and think. I dont believe that fool or crazypeople exist. During Jesusearthly ministry, He never met one of them. I remembered that the Lord gave me Isaiah 58 last year as a major part of my calling. The small voice of the Holy Spirit was telling me to welcome her, feed her, and clothe her. Immediately, I prayed and laid hands on her claiming deliverance and freedom. I asked her to come inside. I poured water in a basin and gave her soap to bathe herself. After that, I clothed her. One of my neighbors provided clothes and beautiful sandals for her. She spent the night at my neighbors driveway. The next day, she woke up early and cleaned and swept. Later in the day, nobody wanted her to stay. Something deep in my heart was telling me not to let her go.

I made my decision. Denise would stay with us. My sisters objected though they would be kind to her later. They said, You must be crazy! Nobody has ever welcomed a fool and crazy person!I was calm and confident, and I said to them, Well, I am so happy that I am different than everybody else.I understood that I was positioning myself to be used by God. Therefore, I was very fulfilled. Denise spent a few nights sleeping at the front of our house. The small voice encouraged me to take her inside on the second floor. It is unfurnished, and no one lived there. I did that for her safety. Anything could have happened to her at our front door.

I posted a picture of her on Facebook and asked if anybody knew her family. Providentially, a lady came to see my older sister and recognized her. She was happy. Her family finally came while I was away. Now she is returned home to be with her loved ones, mom, sister, and children.

Denise is a wonderful lady. She has a great smile, and she loves singing. Ive never seen someone so meticulous. She asked me for a toothbrush, and she washes her clothes every day. She is quiet. One day, I gave her a pen and a sheet of paper. Guess what she wrote? Psalm 46, God is our refuge and strength, a very present and well proved help in trouble…” (Amplified Bible).

Denise is not entirely healed yet, but we are praying for that, and we hope the Lord will do it according to our faith. I plan to continue to help Denise and her family, especially the three fatherless girls. The older is fourteen, and she is in 8th grade. The second one is eight years old, and the last one is 4 four years old. Denises mom should take care of all of them. The younger sister Christmène also helps a little bit. Shes been with us since Wednesday helping with different tasks. They are very grateful to us, and we have now become a family. Denises story inspired us to start the “Sarepta Ministry,” a place to welcome the poor, the weak, the needy, and especially those so-called fool and crazy.


Testimony from Cuba

Testimony from Cuba

Testimony from Cuba

My name is Iday Gallardo González, I was born on February 3rd, 1968 in Cienfuegos, Cuba, and I am now 51 years old. I graduated as a civil construction technician and got married in 1991. At the age of 25, I became a Christian at a Pentecostal Church. I was always eager to teach children, and as I saw the lack of well-trained teachers, I decided to become a Biblical teacher by an International Ministry called “Kids around the World.” In this ministry, I worked in different service areas for ten years.

During that time,  I worked as a Sunday School teacher as well as a Bible Summer School teacher. I also used to visit ill people in hospitals and in their houses as well as visiting missionaries and pastors in my province. I became a bachelor in Theology and Bible after four years of studies, and in January 2011, I started meetings in my own house, inviting children and adults from my neighborhood.

Also in 2011, we started a Ministry called “Somebody Cares.”  We would visit the Oncological children hospital in Santa Clara city, and the handicap children hospital in Cienfuegos. We always brought the children a Christian performance, handcrafted toys, and food.  Sometimes other believers who heard of our efforts gave us help and support.

During this period, we studied at the International School of Ministry (ISOM) as well as at the Alliance Pro Evangelization of Children  (APEN). Since my family and I have started our in-home ministry, we teach children from three to fourteen years old every Saturday. We always give them a snack, and every other weekend we supply lunch, as well as take time to teach them how to make handcrafted items.

We also assist over thirty kids suffering from any chronic disease. We do this by bringing them things such as washing soap, detergent powder, cream, diapers, and wet towels. We have been blessed with support in this area of ministry from Pastor Dennis Banks who has helped us supply diapers and medicines. When I first met Pastor Banks, it was a miracle from God. He came to Cienfuegos, and I had to visit a seriously sick boy who had been admitted into the hospital. However, I was urged by my husband to meet with the Pastor before going into the children’s hospital.  I introduced myself to him and let him know what I was going to do later. He gave me some remaining medications that he had brought, and to my surprise and awe, among them was the one that the ill boy was needing. Since that time, Pastor Banks has helped many pastors, brothers, and sisters of the faith, and others in need of spectacles and clothes.

It would be right to recognize that we have created the Dennis Banks Project, which helps pastors in the Eastern part of Cuba where we have noticed a significant need.  Also, some elders have helped us economically and with foods.

The local authorities requested that we start working under a cover, so we became members of the Eastern Baptist Church of Cuba. Otherwise, we are not allowed to continue working by ourselves. However, this church gives us no help or support.

I attended Live School for almost a year, and I graduated under Eddie Robinson on Sunday, February 17th, 2019. Since that training, I was compelled by God to equip others to be well trained for the Work of God. This is why I decided to open a full-time Live School with seven students to be graduated in September. I have always felt the fire of God in my soul, and this fire will not be quenched.  We have our meetings with newcomers on Sunday mornings, our fasting service on Tuesday mornings,  and our discipleship class on Friday nights. These newcomers are longing to receive Live School teaching.

My dream is to have a place for a sewing workshop, a handcraft workshop, classrooms for several ages, as well as a dining hall where we could feed elders and people in need. I feel the need and desire to teach teenage girls how to earn their own money properly for the future, with the work of their hands, and not by selling their bodies or doing other promiscuous things. It would be amazing to spread out all over the world how we have been able to do many things without any significant help. I cannot write in short everything that has happened because some things would be missed. However, these photos are evidence of things that God has allowed us to do. Two names are in the deep of my heart: Dennis Banks and Eddie Robinson. Thank you, God, for allowing me to meet these warriors.

Sincerely yours, Iday

The Story Behind Sally

The Story Behind Sally

The Story Behind Sally

Sally was a depressed and frustrated person at the end of herself. She had a three-month-old baby, and her Muslim husband was looking to get another wife alongside her.

She cried out to God for three days: “If there is a God above, please show yourself to me.”

She testifies:

“At 3 am I was sleeping with my baby. A man was standing next to my bed. It was not my husband because He dressed differently. His face was shining  –  I only saw up to His waste. It was Jesus! From that day onwards, the depression was gone. I had peace.”

She became a Christian and started reading through the Bible. Her husband divorced her, and she lost custody of her children because of her new found faith. But Jesus is worth the sacrifice!

Then, Sally got introduced to Live School. At first, Sally explains that Satan heavily attacked her. She testifies how Live School helped her to deal with these attacks.

She said:

“Live School taught me how to understand the Bible. Live School also helped me to resist the attacks from the devil. It helped me to stand on the ground and live by faith. The divine plumb line brought tremendous healing. The Lord used Live School to change my life.”

Sally told us that she believes the Lord called her to be a missionary. That is her aim, to tell her countrymen and women about His peace, grace, and life.

The Story Behind Evelyn

The Story Behind Evelyn

The Story Behind Evelyn

Evelyn testified how she prayed for a Muslim lady who did not have children because of many miscarriages. God did a miracle and broke the curse over the family.

She also tells us the story of how the Lord used her to bring healing to her Muslim friend’s terminally ill baby. God is good!

However, Evelyn’s story did not start here.

As a young lady, she found a job in the Middle East. She quickly became completely desponded about the reality of working in the Middle East. She’s been a born again Christian for a long time, but with no purpose or direction.

The Lord led her to Pastor James (a World Mission Centre partner). His words to her were:

“The Lord has placed you in the Middle East to be a missionary!!”.

He started helping Evelyn doing Live School.

Today, Evelyn cannot stop talking about how the Lord changed her life through Live School.

God healed her from all her frustration and emotional struggles. She testifies how, through Live School teachings, God gave her absolute purpose.

Evelyn goes on to share how Live School empowered her to know how to approach and witness to Muslims. Twice a week they take it to the streets and reach out to the Muslims around them.

Evelyn went from a falling around Christian to a praying woman with a powerful ministry reaching into the darkest places.

All glory to Jesus, because it is He who orchestrates and divinely aligns people like Pastor James, Evelyn, and LiveSchool to build His Kingdom.