If we, as the Church, want the billions (yes, the billions) of lost men, women, and children to be saved from sin and death, we have to make sure they hear the saving message of the gospel.

But how will they believe unless they hear and how will they hear unless someone brings the message? [Romans 10:14]

Through Live School, we are training the messengers.

At World Mission Centre, our goal is to equip believers – in every place on earth – to be missionaries, carriers of the gospel message of hope.

We also believe that local, indigenous believers are one of the most effective means of evangelism.

While we still believe in the importance of cross-cultural missionaries, national missionaries already know the language and culture. They don’t have to travel across the ocean. They live at the economic level of those they are trying to reach. They already have an area of influence in their community.

So, we’re training them.

Local believers. Right where they are. In the backstreets. In houses. In churches. Under trees. In places of the world where passionate believers exist but Christian resources and missions training do not.

We bring seminary-level teaching and training on video to believers around the world through a portable device that can be connected to and watched on a television, laptop, or phone. Find out more here.

Through the tool of Live School, students receive theological, missional, and leadership training in their heart language, without the cost of traveling to another city or country, without traditional tuition costs, and can immediately begin ministering in their local community.

Join us in training the messengers. 

You can sponsor one local missionary, or a whole school of missionaries!