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The Fali People in Cameroon

a story from Cameroon


Pastor Pascal led a church in Garoua, Cameroon. In 2014, he and his church elders heard about Live School, which had just been translated into French, their native language. The church caught the vision of training national missionaries and reaching unreached people groups with the gospel.

Pascal and several of his church members went through the Live School curriculum throughout the next year in Garoua. After they completed the training, they decided to enter a large unreached people group in the northern part of Cameroon, the Fali. They realized that no Christians or traditional churches had ever attempted to minister or plant churches among the Fali people.

Using what they had learned through Live School, they began preaching among the Fali and led many to the Lord. While they evangelized, Pascal and the other missionaries were persecuted by Muslims who were sending their own missionaries into the traditionally animistic Fali people to convert them to Islam.

However, Pascal and the missionaries continued to preach, and soon, the Muslim missionaries began converting to Christianity.

Today, there is a healthy and growing church among the Fali people made up of indigenous Fali and the Muslim converts.

Currently, the Fali church is now training their own church members in the Live School curriculum, so that they can be sent to other unreached people groups in Cameroon.

“This could not have happened if we had not been students of Live School,” Pastor Pascal said. “We want to encourage all of the pastors to use this tool for missional expansion.”