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2020, LS-Central America


This has been a very difficult year with a lot of challenges, but also with so many opportunities. We had made plans but God was thinking something different, a plan much better than what we could have thought of. Sometimes the situation was overwhelming, but the Lord gives us the strength and grace to keep moving forward, running, walking, or crawling.

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2020, LS-Central America

1 & 2 Quarter’s Report Costa Rica

We started with expectations of a supernatural opening and now we are practically frozen until 2021. We had plans to open dozens of schools, but there was adversity and our agenda was canceled. However, we trust God that the sun will go out for his people again. Although there is much disappointment we do have 2 excellent things that we want to talk about.

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2020, LS-Central America

El Salvador

We continue to promote Live School with new contacts and congregations. We have met with numerous pastors and introduced them to the program and continue to follow up on the possibility of them opening a Live School within their congregations.

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2019, LS-East Africa

Pastor Felix’s Testimony

Pastor Felix had never done anything like this, but now he felt challenged by the expectation of the villagers, and by faith in His God. He had to make a decision to either move out of his comfort zone or ignore the desperate call of the villagers and go home.

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