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Accelerated Live School Growth in Haiti

Over the years, Haiti has experienced tremendous challenges.  Political, economic, social issues and  natural disasters have decimated this nation.  Many have tried to change Haiti but it is seen as a graveyard for projects of all kinds.  Live School launched in Haiti roughly 6 years ago and progress has been slow.  In 2021, the situation in the nation became worse as the president was assassinated and yet another earthquake hit the nation.

But then something unexpected happened towards the end of 2021.  Our man on the ground, Evends Monfiston, started seeing more churches interested in Live School.  Before long, he presented 3 facilitator training sessions in 3 towns and a pastors meeting in another.  The schools that started have 117 students.  Rick Hutchinson, a missionary who served in Haiti for many years believes that the island needs to be washed by the word of God.  This is the vision that drives us in Haiti and Dominican Republic, to see God’s word and His Spirit being the foundation of both nations.  Pray with us for great revival!