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Behold, the Harvest!

Behold, it is a new day.

It’s harvest time!

Therefore, it’s time to pull the combines out of the barn – out of the four walls of the church – and get them into the field!  2016 was a time of revealing and healing. Let 2017 be the time to reap and keep the harvest! Fill your tanks up with the fuel of the Holy Spirit! Crank up those engines by stirring up the gift of God in you! Head to the fields! Launch out into the deep! Drop your cutting blades in! Throw your nets on the right side of the boat!

It’s harvest time…may your boats almost sink with the catch! HARVEST! HARVEST! HARVEST! The fields are ripe unto harvest! Let us celebrate the New Year, for today is the day of salvation! Open your mouth and prime the pump. Declare the Good News and people will come to see you burn like a stump…a stump that burns and burns and never goes out. This is the fire of the Spirit, which drives darkness out. You’ve been trained and raised armies for battle. Now it’s time to run at full throttle. For the Harvest is ripe, and you are strategically placed.

Lift up your eyes and run your race! Lift up your eyes and give glory in the light of His face! By the power of His grace, we will finish His race! Therefore run with focus; there will be no disgrace. Run with abandon in Christ our King, and let Him subdue His enemies through you and through me! Multitudes on multitudes will bow their knee. And then you will see why He has called you. Then you will understand why He called you to himself.

– Chip & Kathy Carroll, West & Central Africa