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World Mission Centre has an opportunity to spread the gospel in one of the most persecuted countries in the world. Conflicts in the country led to several families being displaced and others becoming refugees; the majority of these live in a nearby area where the World Mission Centre, using the Live School started its first oral School among the refugees with 8 of them successfully completing the training.

God has blessed us with the incredible opportunity to touch a nation so worn out from violence, corruption, and famine. 

A generous donor has given a matching gift of $40,000, and now we are quickly seeking partners to help raise the amount needed to reach the finish line!

Vision: Reach Unreached with the Gospel of Christ
Mission: Equip underground church to reach their unreached neighbors through the Live School
Goal: Start 50 Live Schools in the unreached nation within 18 Months to train, equip, and position underground believers for maximum impact in one of the most persecuted nations of the world. Those that go through the Live School will make a significant impact on the local evangelization process as the citizens of the unreached nation are highly suspicious and wary of their security when it comes to the Gospel.

If you have any further questions about this project please contact our USA office at info@wmcint.org