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Central America Trip

It was a privilege to travel to Central America this month. It was a fast paced trip that started on a Sunday morning with my Dad, Jim and Bucky (local businessmen who are also our Central America Coordinators), Dick (one of our newest team members) and I flying to Nicaragua.

On Monday we met with a group of pastors who attended our pastors’ conference where we shared the vision for missions in the local church and the way Live School could assist that vision. Many church pastors were so excited about the possibility that their church could be involved in missions. Eleven of those pastors applied to have a Live School in their church so that they can train their church members as missionaries.

On Wednesday we left our hotel at 5 a.m. to fly to Costa Rica. After we landed, we were met with an energetic young man and his friend. They drove us four hours up mountain passes to where our next pastors’ meeting was held. Again my Dad shared his heart on missions and his love for the local church to be a part of God’s mandate. Nineteen churches responded by applying for a Live School. Jim and Bucky will return in April to train the first Live School facilitators in these countries.

Three things truly stood out on this trip for me.

1. There is a huge anointing on my father to communicate and excite church pastors, not that I did not know this before, but it was so visible on this trip. This trip was an amazing opportunity for the rest of the team to learn from him.

2. Pastors are some of the loneliest people because of their position, but they truly desire community. I have seen this in the USA, but this trip taught me that it happens around the world.

3. There is a small group within this next generation, and they are standing up, ready to be counted. On this trip I saw and met a few of them in both countries. Young guys and girls who, by their actions and choices, are being set apart from the world and mediocre Christianity. What a privilege to meet them on the field. Our hearts connected as we discussed the challenges this next generation faces, as well as the promises God has given to them. I have found a few of these amazing young people in the US. However God opened up my eyes on this trip and I found a more on the field. I am excited to see what God is going to do in this next generation for his kingdom.

After Costa Rica, Willie, Dick and I returned to the USA but Jim, Bucky and Bettie continued on to Guatemala for the second part of their trip.  

They went on to hold pastors conferences in Guatemala and El Salvador. They also visited a number of Live Schools that are currently running. One of these schools is in a juvenile prison. Our team had the privilege of witnessing a few of the prisoners be baptized in a large plastic drum. Many of them are now students in Live School. Another school in El Salvador is made up of all ex-gang members. Bucky and Jim are both blown away by what God is doing in this region.