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Cuba is ready for The Word

God is faithful! He has heard your and our prayers for my trip to Cuba. Thank you so much for praying. Just a few highlights.

There was a moment when I thought I was not going to get into the country.  I could not get the right visa in time and the officials gave me a hard time.  But this is where I could see God at work, as no person could stop what He had ordained.

Our two coordinators traveled 14 and 18 hours, by bus, to meet me and to be part of the presentations.  Their commitment and zeal was truly humbling. Praise God they got there safely and returned home safely again.

We had 2 meetings with about 30 leaders in total.  Live School was well received. One meeting was with a Cuban organization who trains church members in the areas of family, leadership, counseling, intimacy with God, etc.  I was not sure what we could offer them but presented Live School to them anyways. When we were done, they said this, “Our vision is to send Cubans to [a Muslim country in South East Asia] but we were not sure how to train our people.  We attended a conference with around 200 mission organizations and asked for help, but no one responded. Live School is an answer to our prayers.” That blew my mind! Their leader is actually going to South East Asia later this year, to start paving the way for them to send Cubans!

I was blessed once again by two of our Cuban Live School coordinators, Marlen & Felix.  They are so diligent and hard working. One day, in conversation, it came out that Felix, who is 50 years old, has never eaten an apple.  He has never had the opportunity! It spoke volumes of what the economic realities are in the country. God willing, Felix will return to this area in November to train facilitators for roughly 11 Live Schools. What a blessing to have local believers able to do what we do, and more!

Felix, helping to present Live School.  Note the condition of the building where this church worships.

I had the opportunity to visit Fidel Castro’s grave.

Once again, thank you for praying.  The soil is fertile in Cuba and I have an urgency to “sow” there.  God willing, we’ll head to another province in January to introduce Live School.

God bless

Eddie Robinson