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Don't Lose Heart!

God never fails…

Great is His faithfulness. It has now been more than six months since I had a mid-brain bleed in Dakar, Senegal on November 21, 2017. I praise God that I have been released by all the doctors who have been monitoring my progress to return to Africa!

On April 23rd I finally got to go to the eye neurologist in OKC (a three-month wait!), who said that my eyes looked fine. He shook my hand and gave me a clean bill of health.

On April 27th my neurologist took a follow-up CT Scan on my head. When I had the heart catheterization done, I had terrible kidney pain when eliminating the dye. They use the same dye for the CT Scan on the head, but in answer to your prayers, mine and the prayers of others I had NO PAIN afterwards. Thank You, Jesus!

What is even better is that my neurologist called me the following week to tell me that he saw no bleeding and that “the chances of a similar event happening in my brain was very small.” He has released me to return to God’s work in Africa!

I thought I was well into recovery mode when I had two heart episodes that were like the ones I had in Africa in the fall of 2016, which resulted in me getting a stent. Sometimes things look worse before they get better (Mk 5:21-43)! Don’t lose heart; “only believe!” Unfortunately, my heart doctor told me that having a Heart Catheter Procedure was the only way to find out whether there was a blockage. On Friday, April 13 he gave me a heart angiogram. I was actually awake during the procedure! Seeing wires in my heart on the large monitor mounted on the wall was amazing to experience. Wow, what they do these days! Seeing no blockages was something even I noted! Praise God, there was no blockage, but there was what he called some Micro-Vascular Turbulent Flow at the stent site, which he corrected by changing the med I was taking. I’ve been back to him for an electrocardiogram (an ultrasound of my heart) and have been released by him also to return to Africa!

Finally, on June 4th I returned to my personal eye doctor, who, after measuring my eyes, told me that my vision has recovered 100%. There is no variation in my eyes tracking with each other horizontally or vertically. To God be the glory!

If He can work Rom 8:28 out of what happened to me, so can He for you! Take courage. Trust Him!

With all that being said, I couldn’t be more excited to share that we are planning our first trip back to Africa in mid-July. I am very eager to get there!