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East Africa Field Report (Dec 2015)

I travelled from home on the 13th of November and returned on the 7th of Dec. It was a most compact trip with hardly a day to let. It took me from boat rides, flights, cabs, country buses, ferries and car hires as I sought to maximize every opportunity in 11 Cities and towns in 4 countries of East Africa

It was with shock that I realized from the 13th of November to the 7th of Dec 2015 I had slept in 13 different beds in; not to mention the different cuisine that comes with the different cultures through which the trip took me.

Every centre had a testimony of lives that had been personally impacted by the Live School while others had gone on to start up new Churches in villages where there were no Churches.

I managed on the trip to get one of the Centres to coordinate the much-needed translation of the New Training Workbook and Module into Swahili which we hope to be done in February.

Arriving in Apac, a remote little town in North Uganda, the group of peasant students and Pastors from the farming community had shelved their farms for the visit. Among them was a mother whose son lay on the cold cement floor covered in a shawl. Upon inquiry I realized that the boy was sick with Malaria, but the mother had opted to avail herself before heading off to the Doctor. I felt prompted that we pray for the boy’s healing and we did before heading out to Kampala.

Below is some feedback from partners who work with us in the in this field

Paul Rwanda and Kenya

Field Report from Adri

Our graduation was wonderful; I really thank God because it was not easy with me, being a primary school teacher with alot of work for candidates, being a mother and also a member of the community and pastors wife, surely it was difficult for me. God made it well with me. The students who graduated were 10 and God started using them right before, The graduate Yussuf Komora Badda who was a muslim, after getting the studies of live school he started a church right
at their home ground which is in a muslim village. He underwent many challenges but he is still moving.

Gilbert Omara is currently a pastor at a place called kijo where we first went for an outreach and after getting some new believers he volunteered to go and pastor the area which is hostile but he is there. There are Somalis, upper pokomo’s who are muslims, we decided the only way to reach them was starting a nursery school.

Walichi Japhet Mwewe, nicknamed “the missionary pioneer”, pioneered the church at Witu through his knowledge from the live school and now we have a church there. Our main aim is to open a church at Witu was to have a base to reach the Boni and the Orma around that place, I already have two Boni families there, please pray for me in particular for my urge to reach the Boni community.

Pastor of the host church, have been of great help through his church member we are reaching the watta,Orma around us.

Halima a Watta born again graduate is doing a good work for the word.

All the ten graduates including (Dorothy) the vision bearer truly need your prayers; I particularly need your sincere prayers to meet my vision “KNOWING JESUS AND MAKING HIM KNOWN”

Partner report from Pastor John Scholtz

Alfonso and I are in Kenya at the moment. We have been on the coast and have had the most incredibly exciting feedback of the Live schools and planting another one for the Boni [Aweer] people group with an ex-Wycliffe translator and his wife in the village of Hindi.

We did the graduation of nine students in a little village called Hewani  in the Tana River Delta on Sunday 06 Dec. The students have already planted three churches in other villages.

We have taken the most amazing video clip of this occasion and also the testimony of a Wata lady, Halima Guyola an MBB from a Wata village, Vumbwe, 4km up from the Hewani village. She and her sister are now both saved. She walked the 4km to get to the LS classes. Unbelievable commitment She is married to a Lower Pokomo husband.

From this village within a short distance are other villages: Upper Pokomo, Wata, Somali and Orma, all least reached.

Alfonso reckons that at this stage all the unreached people groups are within reach of a Live School. Very exciting and it’s as if we have an open heaven in Kenya at present.

I will be commissioning 6 pastors who have completed the Maasai Live school on this coming Sunday. They are all planting new churches. I came up initially to do a conference for them on Biblical Worldview.