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Kenya Field Report

The Kenya process has some significant move and impact through the Live School.

One of the Live School graduates in a remote area of Kenya established a Church in a remote Unreached area of the Dorobo. Challenged by the need and distances he raised elders out of his Church and they have now since started another Church 10  to serve these people.

Out of the Kenyan South Coast, a team of students registered for the Live School among the Pokomo people – which is predominantly Muslim. Their School was many times affected by terror activities that saw them loose some students, but they were not broken.

In one of their Oureaches to in a local area, local notorious drug dealer gave his life to the Lord. He has been dealing grugs for the past 40 years and was hated by many in the community because of the children and youthful lives destroyed due to his trade.

That Schools finished and graduated 10 students in an area that is difficult in every sence, led Muslim families to the Lord and started a Church – All glory to God.

At the Northen border town of Moyale where Kenya borders Ethiopia, 7 Schools are set to begin with a strong target to reach the area for to the Lord. The town is among Kenya’s security risk zones due to Militia bands roaming the vast region where majority of the believers are staunch folk Islam adherents.

Out of these same training 3 centres were launched into Ethiopia, only confirming the strategic role of the Kenyan Church to Missions in the area.

Partner field report among the Orma people group in Kenya

I was very glad to hear your voice and i hope one of these days we shall meet and share more. My family and I are doing fine, hope  you and your family are fine too.

I thank God for this far He has taken me in the ministry. We have managed to reach some few muslims to Christ. We have also planted four churches from last year. Even the day you called me I was at Witu doing some mission work and managed to plant a church there which is an area majorly populated with muslim communities thus it is a good base for us to meet them. my mission to that place was really an answered prayer. Keep on praying for that church at Witu.

Through the Live School (Tana Glory Mission Centre), we are trusting God to produce Good ministers/missionaries. Already the four churches are being run by these students. Due to the good work being done by the students, many people are willing to join the mission centre but they are far from the centre.

We seriously need prayers and support. For example, In the newly planted churches, only one has a structure, the three churches fellowship under trees and we are expecting heavy rainfall soon.

We need a nursery school at Kijo so as to make a bridge for the somalis and upper pokomo communities who are muslims and its difficult for them to come to church.