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Paul Achilles

Paul is married to Pamela and is blessed with two children, Prince Shiloh, and Paula Juleah. His heart and his passion is to empower others and see the Church on the Equator rise to fulfill its missional mandate in the region and across the world.

He is currently the Team Leader for the Organization in Eastern Africa. His heart cry and motivation is the Word in Matthew 24:14.

Lawrence Omondi 

Lawrence got involved with WMC through Paul Achilles, during his missionary calling in Dabel Moyale, 2004. He is married to Belinda and together they have three children, Steve Brian, David Chris and Precious Annet.

He is currently the Country Coordinator and Field Support. He strongly believes that missions is his calling.

Winnie Ochieng

Winnie got involved with WMC during a delegate visit to Harvest church in Port Elizabeth South Africa, January 2016. She lives in Nairobi with her three daughters; studied Banking and Finance in the University of Canberra, Australia and has a passion to empower others with a global vision, passion and strategy. Helping them to personally get connected and to find their most strategic role in the great commission.

She is currently the Facilitator, Training Developer and Administrator. She serves the Lord in prayer and mission mobilization for UPG’s.

Magdalene Malkia

Magdalyne got involved with WMC through Paul, when he asked her to translate WMC material from English to Swahili in the year 2017. She lives with her two daughters in Nairobi and serves as a worship leader in her local church. She enjoys the outdoors, traveling, music and watching movies. Being part of the great commission fills her with joy and fulfillment. It has opened her mind to endless possibilities found only in Christ.

She is currently the Office Assistant, Translator and a Live School Facilitator.

Samuel Ochelle

Samuel got involved with WMC when he joined the Live school in East Africa in 2018. He has served with Paul since their youth while at Living Water Church, Nairobi. He is married to Doreen and together they have two sons Duke and Faraja and are guardians to Sharon. He has a degree in civil engineering and is also pastoring a home church that consists of his family as the congregation. His experience with WMC has opened his eyes to the small number of workers for the kingdom of God (Matthew 9:37-38) and is very willing to leave his comfort zone to take part in the great commission for that is what matters. He knows that it is through missions that the millions of unreached will be illuminated by the word of God.

He is currently a Live School Facilitator.

Diana Omondi

Diana got involved with WMC when she enrolled for the Live School in 2018.The second child in a family of eight, she has a professional background in PR and communication and is a social butterfly who is intrigued by different cultures. Highschool mentorship is her passion. During her free time she takes part in outdoor activities and baking. Being a part of the Live school awakened a dormant part in her, a desire to respond to the great commission (Matthew 28:19-20); it was her Day of Pentecost.

She is currently a Live School Facilitator and part of the Media and Communications team.

Didier Dikaniakina

Didier got involved with WMC in April 2018 when he joined Live School. It ignited a fire in him prompting him to get involved. He has a love for God and a commitment to the great commission. He is originally from Congo DR, second born in a family of five, active in ministry (youth ministry) and business.

He is currently an Outreach Coordinator and Live School Facilitator.

Fiona Nthamari Baimpwi

Fiona heard about WMC in 2018, she felt compelled by the Holy Spirit, got involved in 2020 and is currently taking part in the Live school program. She has a partial degree in Psychology from USIU. Her desire is to serve the Lord and to be used by Elohim for His glory even if it means leaving everything behind to follow Him. She believes that the Bible is the true word of God and the Nicene creed is her statement of faith. She is an avid reader, an artist and a writer.

She is currently part of the Media and Communications team.