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El Salvador

Barbara Rowe and Verónica Perez

Update from our El Salvador leaders:

We continue to promote Live School with new contacts and congregations. We have met with numerous pastors and introduced them to the program and continue to follow up on the possibility of them opening a Live School within their congregations.

Alex’s hope and our prayer is to train these young men as missionaries who will go into a place that no one else can get into…and share the gospel.

We met with Pastor Oscar Brito, in Nauhilingo, to discuss opening a Live School at his church. He was very excited and ready to implement the training. However, we later received word that he was not able to get enough interest among his congregation members.

We met with a pastor from the Prince of Peace church in Nahuilingo to talk about the idea of opening a Live School in that community and are excited to see if God will open doors for Live School in this church.

We met Ron Lapka, a missionary living and working in Zaragosa, and talked to him about Live School and gave him a pamphlet so that he could think about starting one. He expressed much interest and also talked about sharing the program with the churches he works with.

We presented certificates to the LS Facilitators for participating in the training during worship one Sunday. We also used the opportunity to promote Live School to the congregation. Gamaliel volunteered to spend the next couple of weeks conducting a student sign-up.

We have also met with Pastor Jorge Burgos, who will present the program to a group of pastors who are doing mission work in Honduras.