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Field Report from Burkina Faso

Lena Outreach – LS students have planted a church in this unreached village, which has had about 15 faithful disciples. They’ve been using this temporary grass hut until the chief hopefully decides to let them stay and build a more permanent structure.

To add momentum to the church plant, in April LS students went to Lena for a weekend evangelism outreach, where they went door-to-door and showed the Jesus Film. The result? More than 60 new believers were added to the church, and most of them are faithful and growing in Christ.

The church, having outgrown their little grass hut in one night, held Sunday service under “the tree.” Pray for the church to have favor with the chief, that the Lord move on the chief’s heart to give them land to build a permanent structure

Preaching through two translators, from French to Jula to the local dialect Bobo. Pray for LS students who know these dialects to respond to the call to take up church leadership in these new church plants. Until now, LS students have been traveling weekly to minister in Lena.

The growing Tenasso church has outgrown its building too. Out of the 90 about 50 of the new believers are faithful to come for discipleship. This is partly because of not having enough room for everyone and partly because of the risk of being disowned to come to Christ.  Please pray that these new believers be encouraged and established in Christ and for “safe houses” to be provided for those who are disowned for their profession of faith in Christ. Some, fearing being disowned, come at night to the pastor to receive instruction and counsel, even as Nicodemus did in John 3:1-2. Others have been disowned by their families and, without a place to stay, come to to live with the new pastor(s).