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Have you ever wondered how you can evangelize to someone from a different culture from yours or how you can expand your capacity beyond the confines of your church, ministry and city? Allow us to walk with you and shed light on you and your team to transform the nations for Jesus Christ.

The heart for God is for all the nations to come and worship in His throne room. The last command Jesus gave His disciples before He ascended to heaven was to make disciples for Him. In order to accomplish this command, He gave them the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost. When we evangelize and win souls for Christ, we touch His heart: that’s why whoever brings good tidings is blessed, for the lost are precious in His eyes. We must all strive for the fulfillment of this great desire of God to come to be, even as He empowers us to do so by His Grace.

The church in Kenya in the past years has been involved in a lot of evangelism and it’s a good thing, and most big towns and cities have churches and a thriving Christian family. We celebrate God for this achievement but what about the marginalized people of our communities, some who are living in the big cities but we see them as a plague, lesser people than us or a people to be feared. In the book of Revelation, we see people from every nation, tribe and creed worshiping in the throne room, this shows that God has a plan for each and every one of us regardless of where we come from or the identity we possess due to our language background, nationality or even the traditions of our people.

Kenya has become a cosmopolitan country due to the progress in tourism, development, infrastructure, multinational companies and NGOs that work in the diverse areas. With this in mind we have a massive opportunity to reach not just people from our own tribes but also other nationalities, be it atheist, communist, you name it. God has put us on the cutting-edge of world and multiracial evangelism to be a force of impact to be reckoned with for His Glory.

As we look into the lifeline of missions and evangelism, this verse should be our go to: “And you shall be my witnesses in Judea, Samaria and the whole world”. It does not just focus on the main leaders of the church, but to every individual in the body of Christ. For this gospel to be preached to the ends of the world, it needs the participation of every church member, whether in prayer, monetary, or the actual ground work. Thus, enabling our people to be agents of change for the growth and benefit of the kingdom of God. Therefore, sensitization to missions and mission work is needed; and this where FOSALEC comes in.

FOSALEC – This acronym stands for: Focus Sahara Leadership Center. With the help of Live School, a tool that was designed by the International Coalition of Mission Trainers, under the leadership of Dr. Bill Taylor, the former chairman of World Evangelical Alliance, we facilitate cross-cultural missions to church leaders and its members by helping them understand missions and why it’s one of the most important things to God. Live School is a pre-recorded school course which makes it easy to use at any place without much effort. The course is packed with life lessons that range from character development, to ministry among the Muslims and so much more. Yes, I said Muslims!!! God loves them, even Buddhists … and all they need is to hear about Christ, be transformed and released from the chains of religion. But how will they hear the truth if no one goes to them? And let’s not forget our animistic neighbors/family in the villages who may have a skewed perception of Christ. It’s our task to open their eyes to the truth of the Word of Light.
Not only does FOSALEC and Live School train and prepare you for the great harvest in class, but we also organize and facilitate outreaches to the frontiers to put what we have learnt to actual work. The skills learnt in the few months are for eternity and worth the sacrifice and the change of heart that takes place is absolutely amazing. Change of perspective in regard to missions, a new passion for Christ is birthed in the lives of many as the students start doing church differently, not a Sunday and normal service but there is a zeal, a hunger, a thirst for God that was unseen before.
We are on the verge of revival if not in it already, and as the body of Christ we must prepare ourselves adequately to reap this great harvest that is being showered on us. The church has many soldiers adorned with weapons that are dangerous and deadly to the enemy but most are untrained and can get easily killed on the battlefield. A great soldier knows what to use, how to use and which angle to point their weapon of warfare. FOSALEC and LIVE SCHOOL, the ideal and perfect tools that are and will be effective in helping the body of CHRIST in this time and season we are in for the greater Glory of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

For this reason and more we have prepared classes that will help you be well equipped for the task at hand. The school (FOSALEC) will run for 14 months exclusive of outreach, day classes 3 times a week from 8:00 AM to 12:30 PM and 6:00PM to 9:00PM every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. One Saturday a month will be incorporated for extra classes whether be it practical, theory or just for bonding and recapping. All these are a must and there will be no exceptions. After every session a one-page summary of the lesson(s) learnt will be required to be handed in the next day without which one won’t be allowed in class. During the course of training, students will be required to come up with a one-day outreach plan in their areas/neighborhood or any area that they should choose and involve other students. This will be done at their own time and a facilitator will be coming to check on them in the field.

The main agenda for Live School is for Frontier Missions and unreached groups. At the end of the course the students will go for an outreach to a frontier group organized by the school administration. They will mobilize their own funds from friends and family just like the normal missionaries are required to do, this will stretch their faith, help them with their people skills, and prepare for the future in ministry. Please note their safety will not be compromised.
After completing the course-work, outreach and any other assignments given, with the final approval of the facilitator(s), the students will be awarded certificate of completion by WMC which is recognized by SATS – South African Theological Seminary amounting 16 credits, so if any student may wish to pursue a degree in theology or any other ministry related course they may do so. For more details on this please talk to the office to understand the process and what It entails.

WMC and Live School is a non-profit making organization and for this reason and much more we do not cater for the students’ expenses during their time with us. There will be a cost incurred for the whole course. Please check the attached leaflet for the details of the cost. For more info you’re free to contact us through the contacts provided.
I believe your interaction with this is not in vain because it is by God’s divine purpose not just for you, but also someone you may know may benefit greatly from this course. Pray about it and consult God on it and I am confident that the Holy Spirit will not lead you astray, never.

Be blessed.