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Fruitful Trip to Guyana

God promised to lead us and He does! We were so uncertain about going on our trip to Guyana as the hurricane was going to hit home, as we leave for the airport.  We asked God to open or close doors as He knew best, and He did. More on that later.

Once again, I’d like to start this newsletter with a tribute.  Pastor Glen Anderson passed away on October 9. I met Ps Glen about 17 years ago in Madagascar of all places.  We were busy mobilizing churches there to plant churches all over the island and he came as a speaker in a conference of over 4,000 leaders.  He always spoke powerfully and passionately. When we moved to Columbia, we looked him up and he very quickly drew us into his world. He is the person who connected us with the majority of churches I have contact with. He also regularly invited us to his Myrtle Beach pastors retreat.  At these meetings he would just leave the agenda in the Holy Spirit’s hands and often the outcome was life changing for us and others. He loved to worship God, he loved God’s word and he loved God! We will miss him. His legacy remains. Our condolences to Ms Becky and the family.

So, God left all the doors open and we made it to Guyana! Driving the first 45 minutes in the dark with pounding rain and wind was gnarly, but Chuck did a great job.  By the time we were supposed to take off in Charlotte, the storm was there and we took off in the middle of it. Once again, God’s hand was with us and we only experienced a few bumps for about 10 minutes and then everything was fine.  It was such a lesson in hearing God.

We can see why He wanted us to be in Guyana.  I can truly say that, after traveling there for 10 years, this was one of the most fruitful trips. It was the 7th year that the Vreed en Hoop Wesleyan church hosted this conference.

God spoke clearly about the fact that it was time for Guyana and other Caribbean nations to send missionaries to other nations. Many stood and committed their lives to go, should God send them.  We had tremendous favor around the vision of making sure that every village in Guyana has a church.

By the time we arrived, Alex had already researched 195 of the 802 villages.  

My biggest concern in this process is the 200 villages in the interior, of which we had information on only 1. By the end of the conference, we had the information on another 22, plus a lady who does research committed to get the info on another 55 villages!

Over and above that, many other brought us info on the coastal villages.  I would estimate, that this conference will result in at least 100 villages’ information. An additional spin off was that as many as 4 churches showed interest in starting Live School. One of them may be run by a Haitian living in Suriname! God willing, Chuck will go back in January to train facilitators. Another blessing was getting to know Alex better.  The Lord truly sent him our way and he has already been a tremendous help.

We are so aware of God’s grace, mercy and favor as we stop and look around us.  Our desire is that God will use us to share His love, his salvation and His purpose with others.

We know that many prayed for us the last few days, especially as we had to travel through the storm.  God bless you for that, He used you in a real and effective way to partner with us.

God bless.

Eddie Robinson