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Ivor Temlett


– How did you get connected with WMC?

We got connected with WMC from the beginning. We knew Willie and Lydia as Pastora at Hatfield. So when Willie launched the WMC our church became involved by supporting them financially. We have been in touch through all the years.


– When did you get connected with WMC?

Willie had asked me on numerous occasions to go on a trip with him to see the impact that the Live Schools were having. Eventually, I agreed to go with him to Guatemala to launch the Spanish translation in 2016. He then asked me to go to Russia and Belarus at the beginning of 2017. I then went to India and are now very involved in WMC.


– What is your current role?

My position has been to be a travelling companion for Willie and help him in reaching the unreached. Most of that has now become helping in one region.


– Tell us a little bit about yourself and/or family?

Hilary and I have been in full time ministry for 36 years. We have 2 grown children, their spouse and 4 grandchildren. We Pastored an Inner City church called Central Community Fellowship in Hillbrow, Johannesburg for nearly 18 years. God moved in that ministry and the church grew to over a 1000 members with 142 Homecell groups scattered over the inner city and other suburbs of Johannesburg.We then multiplied/planted this church out into 4 churches around Johannesburg in June 2002 and formed a Network called Fellowship of Community Churches. The Network expanded as other churches joined and we planted out. It now has 12 churches in relationship. Hilary and I led this Network for 18 years. I then handed over the leading of this Network at the beginning of 2019 to one of the Pastors that we had raised up.

This has given me more time to get involved in Missions with WMC. I am still involved in our Network and minister at our different churches on a weekly basis.

Thank you for supporting Ivor!