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LeeAnne Reddy


– How did you get connected with WMC?

In 2018 Ps Ivor Temlett, the head of our church network at that time, was sharing on missions at our church. He extended an invite to folk from our church to join the next trip to India.  I felt an unctioning in my spirit, so I told him I will join the next trip and it changed life.

– When did you get connected with WMC?

On my first trip in early 2018, I met the Ps Willie and was introduced to World Mission Centre and the incredible way they raise up leaders to reach the unreached in their own language using Live School and I knew I wanted to be a part of this vision. Being of Indian origin, the more I connected with leaders in India the more it confirmed God’s call on my life to serve the people of India, my own people and working with WMC has given me the perfect platform and opportunity. I have since been on every trip since to India to serve in whatever capacity possible.

– What is your current role?


– What is your WHY behind what you do?

Since I gave my life to Christ at just 14yrs of age, I always knew I wanted to serve on the mission field.  I grew up in a mission church, praying over the 10/40 window, hearing of the incredible stories missionaries would share with us and participating in local missions during my school holidays. I was groomed to reach the lost for Christ.  But In my adulthood, my understanding of the urgency to reach the lost, and to do my part to fulfill the great commission came from the great commandment itself.  How can I say I truly love this God who gave His life for me, if I don’t do what He commissioned me for.  India is where my great, great grandparents came from so for me its like going to my roots to lead my own out of darkness into the Light, to the Only Truth, Christ Jesus! I know what it was like to feel a desire to know God and seek Him through idol worship, blindly following customs, rituals and traditions.  Then some-one told me about the Truth, now I want the whole world to know Him, why not start with my own people?

– Tell us a little bit about yourself and/or family?

I was born at a coastal town in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.  I’m the middle child, with an older brother Lenny and younger sister Melissa.  My dad passed away when I was 15yrs old so we grew up under the guidance of a single working mom under challenging circumstances.  I’m now the proud aunt of three beautiful girls.  Straight after college I left home and moved to Johannesburg, South Africa to seek employment.  I joined Central Community Fellowship and grew in the Lord.  When the church planted out, I went on to serve with Kensington Community Fellowship. In 2017 in the crest of my success, I was waiting on God for direction in my life and I heard God speak so clearly through His word (John 15:16). I quit my promising career in the corporate world to follow after Him – He called me to GO.  My journey began with travelling to Orlando, Florida, USA to receive my certification with John Maxwell Team as a Leadership Trainer, Life Coach and Speaker. I wanted to venture into business to fund ministry and I knew this would position me in front of people giving me the platform to share Jesus but God had His own plans and His own ways of doing things. In 2018 I joined as admin support to the Chairman of the Fellowship of Community Churches, which oversees 13 churches. I also serve as the projects manager at a NGO called WASP Community Services which is part of our church community program that helps me connect and share Christ with hundreds of people through a helps ministry.  At the local church I head up the Young Adult’s ministry, focused on discipling and raising up leaders to reach their generation for Christ.  I’m more at home on the field therefore by choice I am unmarried and enjoying the pick up and go lifestyle whenever I need to travel. I serve with WMC in India and with PHASE Mission in Kenya as missionary & pastoral care-giver.  And when I’m home in SA, I live life with this moto – Everywhere I go is my mission field, Everyone needs Jesus. So I’m that girl who will share Jesus wherever I go, wherever He leads me.  It’s not what I do, it’s who I am.  

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