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Global Day of Prayer Breakfast in Columbia South Carolina

After returning to Johannesburg, I took the long flight to Columbia, South Carolina in the USA. There I spent a short time with some of our leaders, Eddie Robinson and William Crew, as well as the USA office and media team.

Six years ago Eddie and I, together with a number of key leaders in Columbia, South Carolina, worked hard to bring churches together to participate in the Global Day of Prayer.

Over 4,000 people attended the first prayer meeting in an indoor stadium. Among our prayer points, we asked the Lord to bring business to the city and state so that unemployed people could receive jobs and that prosperity would come to the city and state.

While in Columbia a few weeks ago, we hosted a breakfast with 70 pastors and business leaders to thank the Lord for the amazing answer to prayer. Bill Kirkland reported that 83,000 new jobs have been created since 2013. Billions of dollars are being invested and major businesses are coming to the state, making South Carolina the 5th fastest growing manufacturing state in the USA today.

Space does not allow me to share the amazing things that are happening in the city and state! Join us as we thank the Lord Jesus for answering our prayer!