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"Go to the Mountain, the Rain is Coming"

Written by Manie Kohn, who came to Running With Horses, about what God is doing in the Middle East.

 The rain has started! Hundreds of men and women in the Middle East who were previously devout Muslims and worshipers of Islam are now coming to faith in Jesus Christ. Whether through dreams and visions where Christ reveals himself to them as the true messiah or through workers sharing the gospel, people are coming to Christ and this once barren land is starting to feel the first fruits of the tsunami that God is sending to reach the Muslim people.

There is a secret revival taking place in the middle of Muslim dominated countries all over the Middle East. God is raising a remnant of believers who are purposefully and actively taking back ground for the kingdom. These brothers and sisters in the faith stand firm in many trails and great persecution. Whether they are being thrown into jail for worshipping Jesus Christ, or deported for starting a church and even threatened with death for leaving Islam and turning to the truth of Jesus these brothers and sisters of us do not waver in their belief in our Lord. Even when imprisoned they keep praising Him from within the walls of the prison or when deported continue to spread the Gospel where ever they are. Their immovable faith is starting and spreading the fire of God’s spirit. 

Furthermore, there are many challenges that they face. There is a lack of Bibles in the Middle East because it is illegal to own a Bible and because they have to meet in secret it is difficult for them to meet together to form church communities. Before anyone can join a church they first have to make sure that, that person is not part of the police or trying to expose the church and where they meet. One tool that helps train and empower these brothers and sister is something called “live school”. It is an in-depth digital training program that can be stored on a micro SD card. This digital training card provides the Christians in the Middle East with over 200 hours of missionary training and basic non-denominational theology. This helps them, who understand the local culture and language to be mission focused and empowers them to be strategic in sharing and opening the Gospel message to other Muslims.

Our God is powerful and He is mighty. Nothing stands in the way of His plans and as Christians who are not being persecuted in the same ways we must always remember to pray for our bothers and sisters who are daily facing great trials. We must pray that God will protect them and give them new and effective strategies for spreading the Gospel. We must pray that doors will be opened for the Christians to get Bibles and also that they will continue to grow in numbers and in wisdom and that teaching will continue to be supplied to them through tools like “live school”. We must pray that the rain that has been seen by many and prophesied over this dry land will fall, and fall with power so that it can wash away the pain and suffering that has scared this land.