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Everyday 100,000 taxis transport four million South Africans to and from work. The Gospel Taxi Club ministry works with drivers to place CDs filled with Scripture and truth into taxis so that thousands of passengers can be exposed to the Gospel. The taxi industry affords a huge captive audience, and by using a CD player, we can easily connect with the passengers. What better place to reach so many with the Gospel!

Gospel Taxi Club (GTC) was started in 1991 by World Mission Centre. The WMC team began visiting taxi ranks and distributing tapes to taxi drivers. They decided to target Easter weekends because so many taxis were on the road at that time of the year.

The first Easter outreach was held on the Ben Schoeman highway. Audio tapes and bumper stickers, which identified the taxis participating in the club, were distributed as they came through the filling station.

The program has now expanded to cover many of the major routes in South Africa and many more drivers and believers are now involved. Now, GTC focuses on the exceptionally busy national roads, and workers from local churches man distribution points at filling stations by handing out thousands of CDs and stickers to taxi drivers.