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A final frontier of missions


Currently, there are 1,251,898,000 individuals in India who have no access to the gospel. Yes, that’s over 1 billion people, in just one country, who haven’t heard the name of Jesus.

The largest religion within India is Hinduism, and professing Christians make up only 2.1% of the Indian population. In fact, India holds one third of all the unreached people around the world.

For this reason, we find it imperative to raise up a force of Indian missionaries who can bring the gospel to their own countrymen. So we’re translating Live School into Hindi.

of the 1.33 billion individuals in India are unreached


of India's population is unreached

unreached people groups


most spoken language in the world

Out of 22 official languages of India, Hindi is the most spoken in the country

of Indians speak Hindi (370 million)

Hindi is most spoken in the North of India...where most of the unreached people groups reside

By translating the Live School curriculum into Hindi, we can train Indian believers in theology, evangelism, discipleship, and church planting so that they can be sent as national missionaries to their own people.

We believe local, indigenous Indian missionaries would be extremely effective as they already know the language and culture, have an area of influence, live at the same economic level of those they are trying to reach, and know how to present the gospel in culturally relevant ways.

The portability of Live School gives believers access to Christian teaching and resources that are virtually nonexistent in India. But giving training to these Indian believers in their heart language of Hindi is an extensive process.

The translation process requires translating 4,000+ written pages, creating 3,000+ powerpoint slides, dubbing 258 video files (the equivalent of 120 two-hour movies), and mastering the audio and video for each Live School session.

We have already started the Hindi translation and have completed 23% of the project! But there is still much to be done, and you could be a part of it!

Get Involved!

The biggest need is for finances to pay the translators, dubbing studio, and project workers who will create the 258 Hindi Live School sessions. There are several ways you can give:

  1.    You could give any amount that the Lord lays on your heart!
  2.    Sponsor the translation and dubbing of one full Live School session for $993
  3.    Sponsor the translation and dubbing of half a session for $498
  4.    Sponsor the translation and dubbing of 1/4 of a session for $249