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How to Submit your Homework

It is important that Live School students on the Monarch Project take adequate reflection notes as they watch the sessions. To receive their certification, Live School students must do 2 things:

1. They must have submitted a minimum of 1 page of reflection notes for every session.

2. They must go on one gospel-centered community outreach. Pictures or video must be submitted to the WMC WhatsApp (+1-781-5490) with a written testimony of what happened after the outreach.

There will eventually be 242 homework submissions before certification can be awarded.

As they watch a session, they will take notes on what they are learning and add their own reflective thoughts.

Plagiarism is strictly prohibited by the World Mission Centre and submitting plagiarized work will result in the ineligibility of the Live School student to receive a Live School certificate. Students may not submit reflection notes belonging to other students. However, students may share reflection notes for comparison and discussion purposes.

These reflection notes could be used for sermons, Bible studies, guiding discussions, and much more. So, WMC recommends that students keep a good record of all their lessons.

1. Open any session Beneath the video, you will see the phrase Submit Homework button. Click the Submit Homework button.

2. Select the appropriate course and session in the form.
(Your email and name should already be filled out automatically if you are signed in)

3. Upload the homework file.
You can upload a picture of your hand-written notes or a typed document file. You will see a list of the accepted file types on the form.

NOTE: The upload size limit for homework documents and pictures is 10MB per upload as of the time of this edition.

5. Click Submit to submit the form
You will see this confirmation message:

Submit another page of homework by clicking Submit Another or click Back to My Courses to return to the Live School Courses page. You will also receive an email with further confirmation.

NOTE: It is important to note that the courses Farming God’s Way and Bootcamp do not require homework and reflection notes are not needed. Therefore, there is no submit homework button for these courses

Questions about this tutorial? Contact us at lsadmin@wmcint.org

You should see the course or courses that you selected when you signed up. Now you can get started with your journey. This has been part 1 of the Live School Monarch Project tutorials.