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First LIVE school to be started in NorthEast India region. These 15 students had traveled to Jaigoan to attend a Bible college which was completely shut down due to Covid virus. The students could not travel back to various NE India states, Nepal and Bhutan so they began to pray. God sent a trained LS Facilitator who met one of the students and began the school immediately. They are watching 6 videos per day, 5 days per week and will finish in 2 months with Outreaches planned back in their home locations. Praise God for orchestrating this training in the midst of challenging circumstances.

This LIVE school in India has started after a local Facilitator training session which equipped 10 LS Facilitators. There are 15 students enrolled in this intake. More schools are being planned as the Facilitators are teaming up in pairs and recruiting students as lock down situation in a India is gradually opening up.

This is first session of a new LIVE school that has started in India. 12 students have enrolled and will be utilizing a battery powered projector soon to display the videos because electricity supply is not reliable and is disrupted on a daily basis. God is instilling a mission vision in these students as they prepare to go out into the harvest fields of the Himalayans.