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Knocking on Ethiopia's Door

On the 11th of September 2015, while the world was approaching the final quarter of the year, Ethiopia celebrated Enkutatash, marking its New Year for 2008. While some may wonder how come they are only in 2008, it is simply because Ethiopian system uses the Coptic Calendar while the rest of the world uses the Gregorian Calendar.

From the Live School Offices, to think of Ethiopia is more than just dates and times, but to think a people with enormous mission potential not only to Africa, but to the rest of the world.

Ethiopia has a very unique disposition; it is among the most widely dispersed people from Africa in the diaspora. It is the only African country which language is expressed in characters used nowhere else and the only country that successfully resisted and defeated efforts of colonization after defeating the Italians in the battle of Adwa (Adowa) under the leadership of Emperor Menelik II on the 1st of March 1896.

It is not without saying that Ethiopia’s stage in the world events dates back to Old Testament era and the reigns of the Kings as well as the Queen of Sheba. It boasts of the oldest Christian heritage- after a declaration by King Ezana in the 4th Century not to mention the conversion of the Ethiopian Eunuch in the book of Acts.

Considering its strategic geographical position, it is no secret that the Ethiopian Church has a crucial role to play in the world of Missions and World Evangelization. Together with our Live School partners, we have started making inroads into the country with a few centers up and running in English.

Yet considering the needs of the Ethiopian Church, what we presently have on the ground is far too small to serve the evangelical body in the country that are hard pressed on both sides by Orthodox and radical Islam in some quarters.

It is for this reason that I, in the coming month hope to be in Ethiopia during the 2nd week to see to the establishment of other centers to serve the country. I am presently in communication with one of our contacts in Ethiopia towards this, and believe the Lord will grant us both favour and success.

I would like to invite you to join us towards this through your prayers and /or serve with us through a financial gift or donation to meet the budget deficit.

NB: The photos are on top is a group of faithful from the Medhane Alem Cathedral in Addis Ababa and below is a traditional Ethiopian beef dish served in Moyale.

Please Pray:

  • The Lord will go before us to set up the right connection/s and people in place:
  • For God’s provision and breakthrough with the trip.
  • The giant Ethiopian Church scattered around the globe will awaken to its Missional mandate and
  • That the Lord will enable us serve the Ethiopian Church through the Live School and that we may be able to translate the curriculum into Amharic to reach and impact greater Ethiopia.