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Live school continues to accelerate

So much has happened in the last few months. A few years ago, the leaders of World Mission Centre prophetically received the word,“accelerate.” We are now in that acceleration and many things are happening all over the world. WMC and Live School are now active in 80 countries around the world, bringing training to over 1800+ .churches with over 18000+ students. Thousands of churches have been planted as a result of training local believers, and many of these churches are among unreached people groups in remote villages. We wish we could share all that is going on around the world, but let me just share three things.

1. Kenya

In August of this year William will lead a creative team (Casey and Hannah) to Kenya to join our East Africa leaders (Paul and Alfons) as well as Willie Crew (WMC founder/director) and John Scholtz (WMC Board Chairman) to survey the land and see what God has done among the unreached peoples in Kenya through Live School. Our focus is mainly in remote desert areas where Islam is strong but where Live School has made a huge impact. We hope to go and film those Live School students’ inspiring stories that otherwise would never be told, in order that we may tell of God’s goodness and in doing so inspire those that watch the videos, hear the testimonies, and read the stories to pray, to give, and to go.

2. India

By the time you read this letter, William will be in the north of India. The north of India is the most unreached part of the world with over 2,000 of the 6,000 unreached people groups of the world located here. Persecution is harsh and danger prevails, but God has given us amazing local partnerships. In November of last year, we trained the first Hindi-speaking facilitators. Since then we have done another facilitator training session, and on this current trip, we will be training another 100+ facilitators. By the end of 2018, we plan to have over 250 Live School facilitators trained to run schools in northern India. That is 250 missions schools training local believers to reach out to their own and neighboring communities. We have never found a harvest field so open. God is moving and we are trying to keep up.

3. New Units

The U.S.A. office is buzzing this summer with many young interns. They are there to re-compress and then check and test each of the 256 Live School videos in 11 languages. That equals 2,816 videos that must be compressed and then checked twice for quality. The interns are doing this so we can fit the material onto the new version of the Live School. Hundreds of these Live Schools are currently being rolled out in India in Hindi and in West Africa in French. Without this re-compression effort, we would not be able to start more schools in other languages.