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Live School Empowering Local Initiatives in Guyana

You may remember me speaking about a lady named Natasha.  She is a soft spoken pastor’s wife in Guyana who is powerful in her own unique way.  To be honest, after I met her and left the country, I could not even remember her.  But then I started getting reports of the school she was running in her church.  She faithfully took her students through the classes and graduated 11.  She went on to establish 13 other schools in other churches, all of it her own initiative.  The church she and her husband pastors is in the process of planting their third church.

You’ve also heard us speak about the new facilitator training manual and videos designed to make it easier for people like Natasha to train Facilitators.  I realized that Natasha has been one of our greatest champions in the region and it was time to properly empower her.

On another trip, Chuck Johnson (volunteer) and I trained facilitators from various churches.  One of them, Pastor Ghanie started a school with 25 students.  He is also eager to help more churches start Live School, especially in the interior.

God willing, Chuck and I will be travelling to Guyana on September 21 to empower Natasha and Pastor so that they can train facilitators.  No longer will they have to wait for us to come to Guyana, now they will be able to operate without us.

We truly need your prayers so that this objective will be fulfilled and these two champions will be released to empower many others.