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Live School Field Report from Rwanda

After their training in May 2014, the passion need and hunger for training saw six Schools started by August in Rwanda.

As the Mandate of the Church resonated with them, Live School became what they had been waiting for. As their classes progressed, 3 out of the 6 centres started other Live Schools to serve the great need for training using a single LS unit between the two of them regardless of the fact that some of the new centres were way too far from the mother centre.

It was not long and they started doing Outreaches as they continued with the Classes. Which some Classes because of the Mountainous distances would take about a whole day. These Outreaches targeted a number unreached villages and to date there are 12 Live Schools in Rwanda with 4 Churches planted in Ruhuha, Kibungo, Nyange and Birembo. 3 more are in the process and in Bambiro, Kagugu and Mugonero; not to mention the many lives that have been touched through the impact and prayers of the students.  A number of those trained confessed that Live School was a most practical tool in their world and provided them with ample opportunity to interact through discussion.

The possibilities and opportunities for Rwanda are limitless to say the least.