International regions, translations and support services

Our active regions are predominantly grouped by a combination of geographic location and language. These regions (grayed out on the map above) are as follows: Southern Africa (English), Commonwealth of Independent States (Russian), North Africa Middle East (Arabic), East Africa (Swahili), Caribbean (English), West Africa Central Africa (French). Besides these large defined regions Live School is also used in many countries around the world outside these 6 regions in these 8 languages, English, Russian, Arabic, Swahili, Turkish, Korean, Farsi and French. In the last few months we launched the first test schools in Portuguese (In Mozambique) and Spanish (in Cuba). The Spanish version of Live School will be officially launch in Guatemala later in 2016 and with the Portuguese will be made officially available for use. We will also be translating the Live School into Hindi and start the Mandarin translation later this year. We plan to translate Live School into Bahasa (Indonesia) and Mongolian after the completion of Hindi and Mandarin.

Willie and Lydia Crew

Pastor Willie Crew and his wife, Lydia, are the founders and directors of the World Mission Centre. They have been married for 42 years and have three children who are all serving the Lord.

Willie was in business for 11 years in Durban, South Africa before entering the ministry in 1980. Once he completed his studies at the Hatfield School of Theology, he served as director of church planting and missions at Hatfield Christian Church for six years. During these years, a total of 209 churches were started in various cities and towns of South Africa.

He and Lydia founded the World Mission Centre, a South African missions organization, in 1989. They are currently the International Team Leaders of the World Mission Centre and spend most of their time mentoring eight younger men and women who run the operational side of the ministry.

The World Mission Centre is a registered Section 21 Company (not for gain) and has its office in Paarl, South Africa. WMC is also registered as a 501(c) 3 organization in the USA and maintains an office in Columbia, South Carolina

Willie is a cutting-edge facilitator motivated by Acts 1:8. His gifts as a missions visionary and strategist are surely from God.

Willie recounts, “When we started out in 1989, South Africans could hardly travel outside of our own country. A few years later, Nelson Mandela was released, and soon after, the ‘new’ South Africa was born. Suddenly we had a passport that could take us to almost any nation in the world. Today, South Africans are found all over the globe.

I never could have dreamed what role the World Mission Centre would play in mobilizing South Africa to missions. It has been an amazing walk of faith, to say the least.”

Willie is a sought-after public speaker and a world-renowned mission strategist who works tirelessly to mobilize thousands of Christians to reach those who have never heard the gospel.

Traveling extensively allows him to meet with many international Christian and secular leaders. This gives Willie a broad overview of what God is doing in the world and a keen understanding of events in the international arena.

The foremost strategic tool used by World Mission Centre is Live School, a curriculum that contains 242 hours of mission training on cutting edge technology available in English, Russian, Arabic, Farsi, Turkish, Korean, French, Swahili French, Portuguese and Hindi. Currently, 2,014 Live Schools are being used to train thousands of believers in 95 countries. The curriculum is now being translated into three other languages.

We have come to thank the Lord for 30 years of ministry that has impacted South Africa and 95 other nations of the world. It is our desire and objective to translate the Live School into three more languages that will impact China, Indonesia and Mongolia. The population of these countries together are about 1.7 billion people. The church is growing fast in the midst of persecution, and the leaders and believers are in serious need of teaching and discipleship. The estimated cost to translate these three languages is R8, 7 million or $670 000 and will be done over a period of three years. We want to ask you to consider participating in a thank offering that will be used toward these translation costs over the next three years. If you so desire, please Click Here and completr the form.


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Support servies
Live School is led by an amazing team of 7 young(ish) men under the leadership of Willie & Lydia Crew. Our structure and how we operate has changed significantly in last few years. Besides the regional teams that operate in specific fields we also have special international support services. These include:

  • the international leadership – Mentors regional team leaders and guides the leadership process, opens up regions, establishes relationships, assists regions in their roll out process.
  • the special operations team – assists in opening difficult countries where we have a contact but having difficulty to establish a Live School presence.
  • the media team – translates, dubs and encodes the Live School into various world languages, research and develops the future technologies of the live school, visits the field to tel the story of what God has done through the Live School, responsible for the international web and social media presence.
  • the prayer team – we have thousands of people around the that are part of our prayer network. They receive monthly newsletters with a prayer calendar as well as emergency prayer requests.
  • the administrative team – we have administrative teams in South Africa and in the USA that oversees and administrates all finances and legalities of the organization.

This organization cannot function without these support teams.

The  huge  social  upheavals  in  the  Arab  and  Persian  world  are  unprecedented  in  history.  The  wars  that are  ravishing  the  Syrian  people  have  led  to  the  greatest  immigration  in  the  history  of  Europe.  Well over a million people have made their way to Europe in the hope of finding a better life and security. This massive  movement of the Arab people is opening a  huge  door  for  the  good  news  to  be  presented  to them.  It  seems  that  this  is  a  small  window  of  opportunity  that  is  knocking  at  the  door  of  the church  in  Europe,  and  also  in  other  parts  of  the  world.  Will  we  have  the  foresight  and  prophetic insight to rise to the occasion or not? We received a report a few weeks ago that over 50 immigrants in a European  country  attended  a  small  30-­‐member  Baptist  church  at  a  Sunday  service,  requesting  to hear  the  story  of  Jesus.  One  of  our  partners  in  the  region  recently  made  this  statement  about  the spiritual  climate  in  the  Epi-­‐Centre  when  talking  to  over 200 mission leaders: “You must change the way you do mission in the region.” He continued and said that  the  people  are  open  to  hearing  and  believing  the Gospel message and told amazing stories of how the  Lord  is  using  signs,  wonders,  and  miracles  to  open the eyes of many to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior.

From  the  country  of  Iran,  we  hear  negative  news  almost  everyday,  but  the  fact  is  that  the  Lord  is doing  an  amazing  work  inside  the  country  where  persecution is an everyday occurrence.

We  have  made  a  deliberate  decision  not  to  talk  about the work of the Live School in these regions in order to protect the safety of those involved.

Blogs, Stories and testimonies from the International Region

Journey Through Kenya (Summer 2018)

In summer 2018 the media traveled around Kenya to hear testimonies from the locals on what Live School has done in their regions. “Kenya: Tell the Story” footage of trip is coming soon to tell you about these amazing stories.

Matthew 9:38 around the world

“Around the world, committed believers are eager to be disciplined and trained to gather in the great end-time harvest.” Willie Crew testifies to what he has seen happening across the globe.

Live school continues to accelerate

World Mission Centre continues to accelerate into unreached villages. William travels to India which is the most unreached part of the world and Live School gets an upgrade to a new, smaller unit.



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