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“The  countries  are  open!”  These  are  the  words  from  Pastor “Peter” (alias name) who mobilizes his network of Churches into missions and evangelization work through the North Africa and Middle East region.

This  pastor  is  using  Live  School  units  in  a  very  practical  way  to  train  and  equip  his  leaders  for  the  work.  Many people are coming to Christ and there is an expectation that a harvest is coming beyond our imagination.

Pastor Peter is a visionary who is busy training up leaders in preparation for the coming harvest. He is truly walking in faith and obedience. He is using Live School to train up and equip believers in the hardest war stricken countries of this region.

In  a  different  country  in  this  region  another  leader,  Pastor “Mustafa” (alias name) is using Live School to rise up and equip house church leaders.

There  are 18 Live Schools being used in house  churches  throughout his country. What a blessing to see the Lord moves!
By  end  of  2015,  there  are  a  total  of  51  Live  Schools  through  the  entire  region  in  some  of  the  most  rural, toughest and persecuted areas. Live School has grown by 27% this past year.

We are blessed to see how the Lord changes the lives of these  Live  School  students  and  have  them  work  His  kingdom in ways that amazes us.

We  ended  of  2015  by  meeting  with  some of  these  key  regional  leaders  in  South  Africa.  We  had  a  superbly blessed time of strategic planning and vision impartation.

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