West and Central Africa

2015 was a year of transition and a year of expansion in the West & Central African (WACA) Region. The launching of the new Facilitator Training Kit in English and our first  WACA-­‐wide  Coordinators  Team  Meeting  held  in  Benin  are  the  two  most  noteworthy events to report.

Having  the  Facilitator  Training  on  video  streamlines  and  improves  the  quality  of  training potential facilitators will receive, resulting in the rollout of Live School at an even  faster  pace  than  we  have  been  able  to  do  to  date.  It  is  a  game-­‐changer,  bringing  our  bold  goal  of  seeing  1,000  Live  Schools  on  the  ground  by  the  end  of 2017 clearly back into focus.

At  the  inaugural  WACA  Coordinator  Team  Meeting  we  were  able  to  clarify  our  progress and plan our next years activities by country. Willie Crew provided much needed motivation, encouraging each of us to do what we do best, mobilize local churches towards missions, which in itself creates a need for  laborers,  which  Live  School develops so well.

While our plans to go to Niger were thwarted due to Islamic radicals who burned the  churches  to  the  ground  on  the  day  I  was  to  fly  in,  we  were  blessed  to  begin  work  in  Guinea,  where  the  recent  Ebola  outbreak  began.  Already  7  of  15  Live Schools have begun there, to the glory of God. We have also begun to re-­‐open and expand our work in the other two main Ebola-­‐affected countries: Sierra Leone and Liberia.

The  picture  of  the  map  below  is  from  the  recent  Facilitator  Training  in  Guinea,  showing the locations of the villages being targeted by the church network, many among  the  unreached.  In  fact,  the  two  most  populous  people  groups  are  both  unreached. We are very excited to see the impact Live School will make in Guinea for the Kingdom!

The  second  picture  is  of  a  Benin  host  pastor  whose  6  students  have  planted  3  churches in 3 unreached villages when only ½ through the curriculum phase of the school. We currently have 35 Live Schools operating in Benin. This is a kairos time for the WACA region, and we praise God to have a front row seat to see all He is doing!

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