The Caribbean region is extremely divers in language and culture.  Some islands lean towards the Hispanic, others are a melting pot of Africa and India and some feel like a piece of Europe.  We approach every island differently and apply Live School to address their needs but also to challenge them to reach out beyond themselves.

The first Live Schools in the region were introduced in Guyana in 2008.  Another ministry noticed the need for training and after some exploration, the next steps were taken.  The learning curve was steep in the beginning, but eventually many churches ran Live School and trained their people.  Guyana helped to open the door to other nations like Suriname, Trinidad & Tobago and St Vincent and the Grenadines where schools are still running today.  

During the last few years, doors have opened to Cuba and Haiti.  Introducing Live School in Cuba have been like hitting an underground lake.  Believers on the island are isolated and desperate for training, especially those in house churches. Within a short span of time, 95 schools were started with 495 students. The demand for Live School keeps growing in Cuba.  People’s lives are being changed and they are in turn reach out to others who need the Gospel. In Haiti it has been a slower start, but progress is being made. The church in this nation needs to understand its role in transforming the nation, through God’s Kingdom being established.  

There is a growing belief in the Caribbean region that it too should be part of the mission force that takes the gospel to other nations. Some are already going, but we are trusting and asking God that there will be a stream of missionaries going from this region.

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