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Live School is currently available in 13 international languages. (English, Russian, Arabic, Swahili, Turkish, Korean, Farsi, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Hindi, Mongolian and Hausa) Chinese is glaringly missing from this list considering the population size, need for the gospel, persecution, as well as the rapid church growth taking place. Since we started translating Live School, we have felt the need to do the Mandarin translation. We feel that now is the time. Our first Live School graduate on the Monarch Project is a leader in a network of underground churches in China.

The Mandarin Translation of Live School opens up China and its massive network of underground churches to develop their leaders into trained missionaries. These Live School trained indigenous missionaries create sustainable, gospel-centered, biblical communities in least-reached areas. Upon completion, we estimate that nearly 150,000 Chinese Christians will be trained as missionaries over 10 years.

The Mandarin translation must first be typed out, then dubbed into Mandarin, subtitled into Chinese, synced with the Live School videos, and exported in order for the Live School to be delivered to them in Mandarin.

To date, 60% of phase 1 has been completed.
The total budget for this project is $591,460 over 24 months.

Once the Chinese version of Live School is complete, it will be made available for launch in China through the various partnerships, churches, and ministries that we partner with.


Phase 1: $253,960 (Finish the Paper Translation and create the Chinese subtitles and slides)
Phase 2: $228,500 (Dub the Live School into the Mandarin dialect and sync the audio)
Phase 3: $109,000 (Prepare masters, create the first 20 schools, launch the Mandarin version in China)

TOTAL: $591,460