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Middle East

Region Description:

The Middle East holds the heart of Islam, and it is also known for violence, instability, war, and oil. The region stretches from Egypt on the west to the Arabic peninsula. Over 90% of all people living in this region are Muslims.

Region Stats:

For many years, the region was very closed to the gospel and hardly any gospel workers could enter the area. While there are still many difficulties we face when working in the area, doors have been opened to bring the gospel to a people hungry and ready for the gospel. The harvest is ready!

Currently, there are 161 Live Schools in the region. Live School students are busy mobilizing and activating the church in the region in ways that amaze us. The stories of how the Lord is using his people and Live School truly blesses us.

Henkie and Nerina Maritz

Henkie and Nerina Maritz and their four children live in Pretoria, South Africa. Their heart is to see the people of the Middle East discover Jesus. They have been part of the World Mission Centre since 1997 and have led the charge in the Middle East since 2009.

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Blogs, Stories and testimonies from the Middle East Region

“Go to the Mountain, the Rain is Coming”

Written by Manie Kohn, who came to Running With Horses, about what God is doing in the Middle East.

The Story Behind Sally

Sally was a depressed and frustrated person at the end of herself. She had a three-month-old baby, and her Muslim husband was looking to get another wife alongside her.

The Story Behind Evelyn

Evelyn testified how she prayed for a Muslim lady who did not have children because of many miscarriages. God did a miracle and broke the curse over the family.