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Mission Statement


Missio Dei is a Latin phrase meaning “The Mission of God.” Originated by St. Thomas Aquinas in the thirteenth century, Missio Dei was meant to convey the heart of God’s mission in the world to communicate the Gospel of Christ’s incarnation, death, and resurrection.

The goal of the Missio Dei blog is to encourage and influence disciples and searchers to pursue Christ’s final command, The Great Commission, and advocate for God’s Mission in a culture intent on ignoring it.

Through our team of volunteer writers, the Missio Dei blog will advance the missions statement of World Mission Centre to Provoke the Church toward obeying the Great Commission.

At the end of each edition, the Missio Dei blog encourages enrollment in and successful completion of WMC’s Live School. Some editions will provide testimonies of Live School missionaries working around the world. If these writings touch your heart, please share it with your friends and join the ranks of those who are released to the Great Commission.


2022, Missio Dei

A Witness in the Workplace

It is true that some workplace situations have restrictions on employees sharing their faith when they are on the job. I know this because I once had a boss who restricted me from witnessing at work.

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