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Frequently Asked Questions

Here, you can see some answers to the questions or issues you may have. You can also contact us at lsadmin@wmcint.org

Monarch Project

What are the select countries that are available for the Monarch Project?

The Monarch project is designed to operate in the countries where our regional teams do not focus. See what countries are eligible here

How do I see my courses after I have signed up and paid?

You can view your courses by logging in, then click on theĀ  “Courses” button.
You can also see your courses when you view your account.

Live School is available in 13 languages, but why do I only see some of them on the Signup form?

We are releasing the other languages of Live School as free updates periodically. Stay connected to learn more about the updates and new content coming soon.

What does a Live School Certificate do for me?

The Live School certificate is awarded to the students that watch all the sessions and submit their one-page notes of homework for each. Once they have their Live School certificate, they can go on to receive partial credit toward higher education. Read More

Why is it called the Monarch Project?

We named this project after the Monarch Butterfly, capable of migrating thousands of kilometers across continents. Our prayer is that Live School students and Alumni would be like the strong and focused monarch butterfly. They would be released to spread the gospel wherever God would lead them, in their own community, or even to other continents like the monarch butterflies.

How Do I Get Started?


Join the Monarch Project by signing up at


Watch the Live School Sessions

Live School is comprised of 242 sessions designed to transform individuals into holistic missionaries for their communities

Submit your Homework

Write your one-page reflection and notes, and submit them with a picture or document file.

Get Certified & Be Released

Once all 242 sessions are completed with your homework, you’ll be able to receive your Live School certificate, and be eligible for partial credit toward your higher education degree.

Contact Us

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